LLB First Years

Attending university for the first time is a daunting prospect, so here’s our guide to what you should be doing (aside from partying) during your first year to give your law career a flying start.

LLB Second Years

The second year of the LLB is when things start to heat up: there are applications to mini-pupillages, vacation schemes and training contracts to consider. Here are a bunch of helpful articles to get you on the ball.

LLB Final Years

It’s the final countdown. Crunch time. D-Day. Your final year is chock-a-block with job applications, revision and the dreaded exams. Take a break. Have a read of these articles.

Study Help

Contrary to popular belief, university is for studying. Good grades are essential for a career in law. The articles and tips below should help you squeeze the most out of that degree.

Law Fairs

Ok, attending a law fair might not make or break your career, but they are excellent opportunities to find out more about prospective legal employers and start preparing for your internship and trainee contract applications.

Law Societies

Law societies form the crux of student life. The really great ones connect you up with career and networking opportunities, and put on some killer socials and balls. Whether you’re looking to join a law society or start your own, take a look at the advice below.

Pro Bono

It isn’t just CV filler; pro bono is a bona(o) fide way of making a difference. Pro bono legal work is undertaken voluntarily and a great way of gaining experience whilst still at university.

Financial Support

It’s no secret: attending university in the UK can be expensive. Here are our tips on the funding options for international students.

UK Universities

So you want to study in the UK? We’ve got all the advice and information you need to pick the right UK university for you.

Finding a Training Contract

With only around 6,000 training contracts available each year, finding a training contract can be tough. Don’t worry, though! We’re here to support you all the way. You can start by checking out the advice below.

Non-Law Final Years

The last year of university is when it all hots up. Not only are there exams to contend with, but you’ll be wanting to apply for training contracts, pupillages, vacation schemes, and, of course, the law conversion course.

For Non-Law Students

You don't necessarily need to study a particular subject at university to enter into a career in that field. This is truest in law, where close to half of the total candidates applying for training contracts and pupillages each year are those who have not studied law for their undergraduate degree.

What can I do with a Law Degree?

Not every law graduate is destined to become a lawyer. Here we explore some of the career options for those with a law degree, casting the spotlight on both legal and non-legal roles.


Paralegal Work

Paralegal work is a popular option for many graduates: whether you want to pursue a career as a paralegal or use it as a stepping stone on your quest to gain a training contract.

Postgraduate Law Courses

Postgraduate law courses are essential if you want to become a barrister or solicitor. From choosing between LLMs, GDLs, LPCs and BPTCs to funding your postgraduate law course, we’ve got it covered.

Non-Law First Years

The law conversion course might seem like a speck on the horizon, but you can start preparing for your law career in your first year of university. Here’s how.

Law Conversion Course

The current trend in career progression is that one need not necessarily study a particular subject at university to enter into a career in that field. This is truest in law, where close to half of the total candidates applying for training contracts and pupillages each year are those who have not studied law for their undergraduate degree. Non-law students can become eligible for a career in law once they complete a mandatory conversion course - the Graduate Diploma in Law (GDL).

For international students

Working in the UK can throw up some big hurdles like visas or navigating a different work culture and legal system. Soften the blow with a read of some of these articles.

Training Contract

Lasting for two years, the training contract is the final stage of training you will undertake with a legal employer in order to qualify. This is your one-stop shop for everything you need to know about training contracts.

Vacation Scheme

A vacation scheme is a solicitor internship and a pretty big step towards getting a training contract. We’ve put together articles, tips and advice on where to look, how to apply for a vacation scheme and how to impress once you are on one.

First Year Opportunities

You don’t have to wait until your second or final year of university to start looking for career opportunities. Get ahead with these suggestions of open days, vacation schemes and other opportunities you might want to pursue.


Around 80% of barristers are self-employed and the majority belong to barristers’ chambers. If you’re hunting for a pupillage or mini-pupillage, barristers’ chambers might well be your first port of call.

Non-Law Second Years

Two years in and it’s time to start preparing for your law career. We’ve put together a bunch of helpful advice on what you should be doing to make this year count.

Patent Attorney

Patent attorneys are intellectual property rights specialists; helping inventors and companies obtain patents and safeguarding against patent infringement. We’ve put together a bunch of information on this niche profession.

Legal Work Experience

Legal work experience is the essential part of the staple diet of any future lawyer; it’s the protein to the fruit and veg of your legal qualifications. Take a look at the articles below for law work experience inspiration.

Legal Executive

Legal executives are the third type of lawyer you might not have heard of. A chartered legal executive carry out legal work, have their own client files and specialise in a particular area of law.


Paralegals carry out legal support work and clerical duties. They are an essential part of the legal industry, and, especially with the advent of Alternative Business Structures, increasingly recognised as a professional group in their own right.

Application Tips

Applying for an opportunity can be a bit of a challenge. There might be hundreds of applications for a role, so how can you make your law application stand out? Have a look at our application tips to find out how to tick all the right boxes.

Law CV

It’s pretty hard to create the perfect law CV, but very easy to make mistakes. We might not have a CV writing service (they are a bad idea anyway), but we can give you some pointers on how to craft a legal CV that’ll make you proud.

Interviews and assessment centres

Interviews are nothing to get a tizz about. Whether you’re being interviewed for an internship or trainee position, we’ve got a whole bunch of tips to get you prepped and ready to tackle that law interview.

Commercial Awareness


We believe the legal profession should be open to everybody regardless of background or circumstances. In this section, you’ll find useful diversity-focused resources and advice.


Secondments are an option provided to trainee solicitors. Whether it’s a client secondment or an international secondment, we have all the information, advice and tips on what to expect from a secondment.

Legal Secretary/PA

Legal secretaries and PAs support lawyers in everything from research and document preparation to court attendances and client interactions. Such roles are integral to the legal profession as a whole. 

Regional Hubs

So you know you want to be a lawyer, but do you know which city you want to work in?

You can pursue a legal career all across the UK and each location offers something different for legal professionals. That’s why we’ve put these incredibly useful ‘regional hubs’ together. They’ll help you understand what it’s like to live and work as a lawyer in different places. We cover everything from the city’s nightlife, culture and transport links to the type of work you might be doing as a trainee. We’ll also direct you to the law firms and live jobs in those areas.

Types of Law Firm

So you know you want to be a solicitor, but do you know which type of law firm you want to work for?

You could work for a city firm, an international firm, a US firm, a Scottish firm or a regional firm, and every different type of firm will offer a different experience for trainees. That’s why we’ve put these incredibly useful ‘types of law firm’ articles together. They’ll help you understand what firm is right for you. We cover everything from company culture and clients to the type of work you might be doing as a trainee. Once you know which type of firm floats your boat, you’ll be able to pinpoint the best jobs to apply for.

UK Law Courses

Not to boast or anything, but the UK does have some pretty amazing law courses. The trick, though, is finding the right one for you. Here’s our guide to law courses in the UK.

Living in the UK

Living in the UK can be a bit of a culture shock – not to mention the expense. Here are our tips on how to navigate everything British and budget like a true native.


A pupillage is the final step needed to enter the barrister profession (well we say final, there’s the thorny issue of tenancy after that) and tough to secure. In 2011, there were just 446 first six pupillages available.

Mini Pupillage

Mini pupillages aren’t cuter versions of pupillages; they are a great chance to find out whether a career as a barrister is really for you. From finding a pupillage to how to impress on one, delve into our bunch of handy articles.

Virtual Law Fair | Boot Camp

AllAboutLaw's Virtual Law Fair is taking place from Monday 18th October to Friday 22nd October 2021. Before you meet an exhibitor in our Networking Expo or attend an online workshop, it's vital that you prepare to ensure you get the most possible value from the experience. Follow our simple step-by-step guide below and get ready to boost your legal career prospects!


Virtual Vacation Schemes

Not all vacation schemes take place in a law firm's office. Find out how you can complete a law vacation scheme from your own home.

Law Firm Open Days

Law firm open days are a great opportunity to learn about a firm. We'll help you understand how to secure a place on an open day and how to make a good impression.

Selection & Assessment

From application forms to assessment centres, get to grips with the various selection and assessment methods that law firms use to hire trainee solicitors.

Alternative Routes into Law

Here we'll introduce you to the wealth of legal career options available to you, from legal executive and legal secretary to paralegal and patent attorney.

Non-Law Students

Didn't study law at university? No problem. We'll help you understand how you can convert to law and kickstart your legal career.

O Shaped Lawyer

The lawyers of the future will require a broader range of competencies and a different mindset. In fact, they will be O shaped. Find out more in this guide.

Becoming a Lawyer in the UK - International Students

Working in Law Abroad

Studied law in the UK, but want to work abroad? Find out how to qualify and work as a lawyer in different jurisdictions here. 

Becoming a Lawyer in Scotland

Planning to become a lawyer in Scotland? Here you can figure out how to achieve your goal and what it's like working north of the border. Find out everything you need to know about life as a lawyer in Scotland now.

Law Firm Structure

Find out everything you need to know about how law firms are structured in the UK and how you can reach the very top of the profession!

Legal Technology

Legal technology is becoming increasingly important in the legal profession. Find out how legal technology is transforming the industry and how you can develop a career in this area of law.