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Paralegals carry out legal support work and clerical duties. They are an essential part of the legal industry, and, especially with the advent of Alternative Business Structures, increasingly recognised as a professional group in their own right.

The paralegal profession explained By James O’Connell , Chartered Institute of Legal Executives, and Becky Kells, Editor, AllAboutLaw

Paralegals are people who carry out legal work, even though they are not lawyers. There are approximately 300,000 paralegals in total (although this number varies depending on how you define paralegal). They work in solicitors' firms, the...

The changing role of the paralegal in the legal industry By Samuel Clague, Founder of The Stephen James Partnership

The legal industry has seen a number of changes over the past few years, including the implementation in late 2011 of the Legal Services Act. The Act has enabled non-legal entities to participate in the ownership, management and provision of...

What is a paralegal? By James O’Connell, Chartered Institute of Legal Executives, and Becky Kells, Editor, AllAboutLaw

Paralegals are not lawyers. Indeed, their whole raison d'être is that they are not lawyers. However, that doesn’t mean that there isn’t a crossover. Answering the question "what do paralegals do?" is tricky because "paralegal" is a default,...

Paralegals: The backbone of legal sector Written by the Chartered Institute of Legal Executives

The Chartered Institute of Legal Executives give us the lowdown on all things Paralegal .  Paralegals are essential to the success of the legal sector. In the past, some have looked down on paralegals, considering them inferior to those with a...

How to become a paralegal By Billy Sexton, Editor,

Fancy pursuing a career in the legal sector but really aren’t up for spending any more years in education? You probably want to know how you go about becoming a paralegal, right? Well, without further ado… Paralegal apprenticeships “But aren’t

Paralegal qualifications By Billy Sexton, Editor,

Paralegal work is becoming an increasingly popular option for law graduates as competition for vacation schemes, training contracts and pupillages remains as fierce as ever. Paralegals are often regarded as the ‘backbone of the legal sector’ and...

Paralegal salary By Billy Sexton, Editor,

You may be on the hunt for a paralegal job in order to get some more legal work experience or perhaps in order to follow the equivalent means route to solicitor qualification. Maybe you’re even a legal apprentice, set to become a paralegal after...

Equivalent Means: What is it? by Jack J Collins, Editor of

Back in 2015, the first ever ‘equivalent means’ trainee qualified as a solicitor. He’d been a paralegal for five years, rather than doing a training contract. But what does the term ‘Equivalent Means’ really mean? And can it help you...

Equivalent Means: Am I Eligible? by Jack J Collins, Editor of

So you’re wondering about whether you’re eligible to qualify for an equivalent means qualification?  You’re in the right place. Let’s break it down To become a solicitor as of the moment, the SRA requires you to have completed two distinct...


  • Trainee Solicitor

    Sidley Austin LLP
    Deadline: 20/07/2018

  • Training Contract

    Deadline: 17/07/2018

  • Training Contracts 2020

    TLT Solicitors
    £30,000 (Bristol), £36,000 (London), £26,000 (Manchester)
    Manchester, London and Bristol
    Deadline: 31/07/2018


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