• Alternative ways of developing commercial awarenessKrishen Muthoo

    Krishen Muthoo runs through some alternative ways of developing commercial awareness. 

  • Commercial awareness: what do firms expect?By an anonymous law graduate recruiter

    UCAS defines commercial awareness as: “the business benefits and commercial realities from both the organisation's and the customer's perspectives". A looser but perhaps more relevant definition is a candidate that is "switched

  • Developing commercial awareness at universityBy Peter Coe, Senior Lecturer in Law, Buckinghamshire New University and Barrister and Door Tenant, East Anglian Chambers

    What is commercial awareness?  The world is  becoming more commercially focused and driven by economic efficiency, and you can't really argue with that. As a Senior Lecturer in Law, and a barrister, I

  • Five aspects of commercial awareness law firms expectby Charlotte Harrison, author of From Student to Solicitor: the Complete Guide to Securing a Training Contract

    If you had a pound for everybody that told you there isn’t a “concrete definition” of commercial awareness, or that commercial awareness “means different things for different law firms”, you would

  • How to apply commercial awareness: the former trainee’s perspectiveBy Chris Whitehouse

    A former trainee at RPC shares his insight into what commercial awareness is, why it’s important and how you should apply it.

  • How to improve commercial awarenessBy Jack Denton, Co-founder & Director, AllAboutLaw

    There's no need to be terrified of commercial awareness, and if you're interested in the law, it's likely that you've already got some. That said, employers will be on the lookout for

  • Using social media to become commercially awareBy Billy Sexton

    Commercial awareness is a buzzword you’re going to hear all the time when you’re applying for vacation schemes and training contracts. In order to be successful in your applications, you need to display a high degree of commercial awareness.

  • What is commercial awareness?By Paul Harris, Co-founder & Director, AllAboutLaw

    Commercial awareness can be simply defined as staying up-to-date on daily happenings and developments in the business and commercial world. A significant portion of law today revolves around business and

  • Why is commercial awareness important?By Billy Sexton, Editor, AllAboutLaw.co.uk

    Commercial awareness. The two magic words that law firms, lecturers, your fellow students and even the lovely people at AllAboutLaw.co.uk bang on about all the time. We’re just trying to be