• Alternative ways of developing commercial awarenessKrishen Muthoo

    Krishen Muthoo runs through some alternative ways of developing commercial awareness. 

  • Answering commercial awareness questionsTuula Petersen & Becky Kells

    Commercial awareness has become something of a buzzword in the legal sphere. Lawyers are required to demonstrate an understanding of commercial issues and contextualise current affairs within a legal framework. Consequently, recruiters will be paying close attention to the candidates’ commercial awareness during the interview, assessment centre and the initial written application.

  • Commercial awareness: what do firms expect?By Charlotte Harrison & an anonymous law graduate recruiter

    Commercial awareness is crucial to becoming a successful lawyer, but it can be difficult to pin down what exactly is meant by “commercial awareness” and how much of it law firms expect you to have.

  • Developing commercial awareness at universityTuula Petersen

    As an aspiring solicitor or barrister, you have most likely come across the term commercial awareness. However, you may not have realised exactly what commercial awareness entails or how it can apply to your own personal development as a legal professional.

  • How can I improve my commercial awareness?Tuula Petersen

    You may have taken the initiative to start cultivating your commercial awareness at university. However, if you really want to stand out from the other candidates during vacation-scheme and training-contract applications, you will have to expand your commercial awareness so it includes wider current affairs.

  • How to apply commercial awareness: the former trainee’s perspectiveBy Chris Whitehouse

    A former trainee at RPC shares his insight into what commercial awareness is, why it’s important and how you should apply it.

  • How to become commercially aware Anna Vall Navés

    Developing commercial awareness is crucial for any aspiring lawyer, but it can often be difficult to know exactly how to go about acquiring it. While there are plenty of different methods that can help you become commercially aware, knowing how to read and understand relevant publications is essential.

  • Using social media to become commercially awareBy Billy Sexton

    Commercial awareness is a buzzword you’re going to hear all the time when you’re applying for vacation schemes and training contracts. In order to be successful in your applications, you need to display a high degree of commercial awareness.

  • What is commercial awareness?By Billy Sexton and Anna Vall Navés

    A significant portion of law today revolves around business and commerce in the marketplace, between cities and regions, and across geographies. Commercial awareness is, therefore, one of the key requirements that a good and competent solicitor needs to master.

  • Why is commercial awareness important?By Billy Sexton, Editor, AllAboutLaw.co.uk

    Commercial awareness. The two magic words that law firms, lecturers, your fellow students and even the lovely people at AllAboutLaw.co.uk bang on about all the time. We’re just trying to be