• A guide to legal work experienceCoventry University Careers Service

    Legal work experience is a highly recommended course of action when considering a career in law. Have a read to understand exactly what a legal work experience consists of, and how it could work for you.

  • Can you get a training contract with no work experience?Francesca Evans

    Training contracts are becoming increasingly competitive to secure. Here, we discuss the demand for work experience and ways you can better your chances of being successful in your application.

  • Can you shadow a lawyer?Natasha Jones

    If you’re debating whether or not to study law at university, it’s a good idea to try and secure some work experience in the legal field before making a decision. Although navigating the world of legal work experience can feel daunting, there are plenty of opportunities available for students who are willing to look for them.

    Keep reading as we discuss work shadowing, as well as other ways for budding lawyers to obtain legal experience pre-university.

  • Hunting for legal work experienceMaudie Powell-Tuck

    Work experience is an invaluable addition to any law career trajectory. Here you will find all the relevant information to understand how work experience can benefit you, and how best to secure one. 

  • Law gap yearBilly Sexton

    Law gap years are an excellent way to boost your CV and prove to future employers your commitment to a law career. Read the following article to gain a better understanding of what it means to undertake a law gap year. 

  • Legal work experience ideasMaudie Powell-Tuck

    It is important to consider completing at least one work experience in order to maximise your chances of achieving a successful law career. Read on to discover different ways of undertaking work experience in relation to a legal career.

  • What does shadowing a solicitor involve? Francesca Evans

    Here, we will explain what is involved in shadowing a solicitor and how this can be a beneficial addition to your legal experience.

  • What’s the difference between legal work experience & a vacation scheme?Emily Buckley

    So, you’ve examined your CV and decided it needs a boost. Beyond academic qualifications like a law degree or Graduate Diploma in Law, legal work experience is a great way to do this. It lets you explore different practice areas of law, see how the industry operates first-hand, and demonstrate your interest in the legal world. Vacation schemes are often seen as the essential ingredient to kickstart a legal career, but other forms of work experience are just as useful, and may better suit your requirements.


  • Why do you need legal work experience?Thomas Cserep

    Work experience opportunities in the legal industry come in all shapes and sizes. However, one thing that they all have in common is that they help you develop your career prospects as a solicitor in multiple ways.