Commercial Awareness Toolkit

Commercial awareness isn’t just a box-ticking exercise, nor is it just about reading one or two finance articles. It’s more a way of thinking about business, value, and external factors that might affect your future clients.

Our Commercial Awareness Toolkit takes you step-by-step through the thinking process to help you unlock your potential and demonstrate your commercial awareness effectively when you are applying for a training contract or vacation scheme with a law firm.

Case study builder

  • Placeholder Build a case study step-by-step
  • Placeholder Unlock your commercial awareness
  • Placeholder Edit and download your case study. Then build another one!

Law firms and their clients are affected by a whole host of factors. Understanding these factors and thinking about them logically is a huge part of commercial awareness. So if you're looking to demonstrate this quality in an interview or application form, our Case Study Builder can guide you step by step!


Exclusive videos

  • Placeholder How to Get Commercial Awareness From a Source
  • Placeholder How to Debate Commercial Awareness in an Interview
  • Placeholder Some Useful Publications for Commercial Awareness

Want to take the next step in mastering commercial awareness? Our exclusive videos flag up some useful publications, teach you how to analyse news stories from a commercial perspective, and provide some tips on how to demonstrate these skills in an interview.