Working in Nottingham

With a variety of big corporate companies—Boots has its headquarters in Nottingham, and it’s also host to a number of sectors from bioscience to vehicle production—there are a lot of diverse and interesting clients that are frequently in need of legal expertise. With huge investment being poured into the city, there will be much scope for construction and real estate lawyers.

The city also benefits from two major universities, both of which shape the careers of many law graduates every year. This, in turn, feeds into a lively and expanding law sector within the city.

In terms of firms on offer, you’ll find long-established regional firms working alongside smaller practices. There is a high quantity of big-name national firms in Nottingham, with a lot of London headquarters expanding outfits to the Midlands. You certainly won’t need to limit your aspirations, with options to work in everything from commercial to personal and family law. A lot of larger firms devote offices to particular areas of law in Nottingham, such as medical negligence or personal injury.

In the shadow of Brexit, the need for legal advice for businesses small, medium and large has been felt strongly in Nottingham. The high student population means that the rental market is thriving, so real estate lawyers are always necessary.

Upon arrival in Nottingham, you should definitely get in touch with the Nottingham Junior Lawyers Division, who will provide a sociable and informative introduction to life as a young lawyer in Nottingham.

Nottingham culture

Museums and galleries are abundant in Nottingham. A visit to Nottingham Contemporary, a vast collection of interesting modern art, is a must. As a lawyer, you really can’t beat a trip to the National Justice Museum. Complete with a historical cave tour, it’s a perfect way to understand the hundreds of years of legal precedent that have defined your career today. Nottingham also benefits from being a highly multicultural city, partly due to the large population of international students, many of whom choose to work in the city after completing their studies. Sport is also a big part of the city—as any football or cricket fan will no doubt be aware. Whether you pledge allegiance to Notts County or Nottingham Forest, you’ll find it impossible not to get involved. If you’re into something a little more rogue, there’s even a thriving ice hockey presence.

Nottingham nightlife

Music is very much ingrained into Nottingham’s culture. High-profile acts are likely to stop by the Nottingham Arena on stadium tours, and there’s also Nottingham Rock City and the Royal Concert Hall. Jake Bugg originates from the city, as do London Grammar and the Sleaford Mods - these names have only paved the way for more talent to emerge. If you fancy something a bit more “urban”, a listen to KEMET.FM on your way to work will certainly satisfy any cravings.

Nottingham Activities

- Check out the crib of Bruce Wayne—Wollaton Hall was the location used for Batman’s house in Christopher Nolan’s Batman trilogy. A beautiful Elizabethan mansion in its own right, you can’t beat a sunny Saturday exploring the grounds.

- Join in the debate as to whether ‘ye olde trip to jerusalem’ truly is the oldest inn in Nottingham, over a pint in the picturesque pub.

- Unleash your inner Robin Hood and enjoy a welcome break into nature with a visit to the iconic Sherwood Forest—a great opportunity to take a breather from city life.

- Make sure you’re around to get involved in the Nottingham Goose Fair—enjoy a ride, a game and some delicious food, all with the knowledge that you’re participating in 720 years of good old Notts tradition.

- Visit the National Water Sports Centre to see how the best rowers do it—or attempt some watersports yourself!

Nottingham Transport

Getting around Nottingham is both easy and environmentally friendly. Take advantage of the Express Transit tram line, or opt for the well-connected bus and train service. It’s possible to cycle within the city.

East Midlands Airport and the main Nottingham station provide good links to the rest of the country and beyond. It’s worth noting that, as a city in the midlands, you’re never too far away from most UK destinations.

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