Jul 26, 2016

Written By Billy Sexton, Editor, AllAboutLaw.co.uk

Best universities to study law

Jul 26, 2016

Written By Billy Sexton, Editor, AllAboutLaw.co.uk

So you want to study law in the UK? Awesome. Congratulations on coming to the best website (we may be slightly biased) for advice on studying law and how to land a vacation scheme or training contract.

Looking for a training contract may seem absolutely ages away, particularly when you’ve only just decided that you want to study law at university. Time will fly past pretty quickly, but don’t worry, we’ll still be around to provide you with top notch advice on your vacation scheme and training contract applications. But right now we’re guessing you want some information about the best universities to study law, right? 

Russell Group universities

Russell Group universities are considered to be the top universities in the country. They’re highly regarded in the academic world for the quality of research their staff carry out. Additionally, a good degree (either a 2.1 or a first) from a Russell Group university will ensure that your application will held in high regard by law firms if you’ve also nailed the other aspects of the application.

The Russell Group is made up of the following universities:

- University of Birmingham

- University of Bristol

- University of Cambridge

- Cardiff University

- Durham University

- University of Edinburgh

- University of Exeter

- University of Glasgow

- Imperial College London

- King's College London

- University of Leeds

- University of Liverpool 

- London School of Economics

- University of Manchester

- Newcastle University

- University of Nottingham

- University of Oxford

- Queen Mary University of London

- Queen's University Belfast

- University of Sheffield

- University of Southampton

- University College London

- University of Warwick

- University of York.

League tables

Reputation isn’t everything. You should be thinking about how universities rank for teaching quality, overall student satisfaction and how graduates fare in the job market six months after leaving. That’s where university league tables come in handy. The folks at the Guardian release a university league table every year and you can sort by subject (genius, we know). Some universities that rank well for law, but aren’t a member of the Russell Group, include:

- University of Kent

- University of East Anglia

- Lancaster University

- University of Surrey

- University of Reading.

These universities are all highly rated for law.

The whole point of going to university (beyond the fun, socialising and independence) is to get a degree. If you’re looking to go into law, it’s very important that you get yourself a degree from a highly regarded university and a good mark, given that the competition for training contracts is fierce. Listed above are some of the best universities in the UK for law, so get applying! 



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