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  • By Billy Sexton, Editor,

There are a range of minority groups in the legal sector that aim to represent the views of a particular section of society. The main group that represents the interests of black solicitors is the Black Solicitors Network!

So what does the Black Solicitors Network actually do?


The Black Solicitors Network outline their aims on their website, and are as follows:

- Represent Black solicitors, and ensure that their views are articulated and heard within the profession, The Law Society, media and other relevant bodies.

- Promote equality and challenge discrimination within the profession

- Provide pastoral care and support

- Deliver practical educational seminars for all members

- Provide a series of networking, business and social events.

Not bad at all, eh? So how long have the Black Solicitors Network been around for? The organisation was set up in 1995 and was recognised as a Law Society Group in 2003. They’re set on making sure that black solicitors have equality when it comes to accessing opportunities such as vacation schemes and training contracts (as well as ‘standard’ solicitor jobs), being retained by their firm and also being promoted to the big-time positions such as associate and partner. In 2007 there was over 5,500 members (wow!).

There’s also three other regional groups ran by the Black Solicitors Network; a network for the City, the Midlands and the North.

Black Solicitors Network membership

The Black Solicitors Network website states the following: “Membership is open to all solicitors, trainee solicitors, paralegals and students of African or Caribbean descent in England and Wales and any solicitor, trainee solicitor, paralegal or student who supports the aims and objectives of the BSN irrespective of their race, colour or creed.”

Indeed, the Black Solicitors Network like to think of themselves as an inclusive group rather than an exclusive one, and also have a range of membership types which take into account experience, qualifications and status. Students can become members if they are studying law at university and are thinking about entering the profession. What’s better, membership for students is free!

Benefits for students

And it’s not just membership that the Black Solicitors Network can offer students. There are careers workshops, which includes tailored advice on training contract applications and work placement opportunities too. Winning!

The Black Solicitors Network is a great organisation that carries out positive work in the industry – and you should definitely consider becoming a member!

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