• Are mini pupillages paid?Lauren Ainscough

    Mini pupillages provide a valuable insight into a barrister’s day-to-day work, giving you a real flavour of what a career at the Bar entails and whether this profession is really for you. This article will discuss whether mini pupillages are paid, and the numerous funding sources available.

  • How do you apply for a mini pupillage?Lauren Ainscough

    A mini pupillage involves shadowing barristers whilst they interact with clients and conduct their cases both in and out of court. Not only do mini pupillages provide valuable insights into whether a career as a barrister is for you, they demonstrate your commitment to a career at the Bar and/or a specific area of law. Given the value of mini pupillages, how do you apply for them, and how can you make your application stand out from the crowd?

  • How do you write a mini pupillage cover letter?Isabella Priestman-Bennett

    There are various mini pupillage cover letter templates available online, but there is no one-size fits all cover letter that suits all candidates and all chambers. However, below are some top tips that can assist you in writing a personalised and compelling cover letter that is likely to impress and secure you that all important mini pupillage.

  • How to get a mini pupillageMaudie Powell-Tuck, AllAboutLaw

    When you’ve decided that being a barrister is what you want to do, the best way to get a taste of life at the Bar is to do a mini-pupillage. The ‘where’

  • Is it hard to get mini pupillage?Thomas Cserep

    Getting a mini pupillage under your belt is a vital step in your journey to qualifying as a barrister. We have gathered all the important information you need to succeed with your mini pupillage application.

  • Mini pupillage applicationsCassie Williams, Barrister, 39 Park Square Chambers

    A few years ago, at a chambers meeting, when I was not properly paying attention, I found myself voted in as the new ‘mini-pupillage officer’. Since, I’ve had applications that say CVs

  • Mini pupillage: The student’s perspectiveLost London Law Student

    Before you start applying for mini-pupillages, you will need to know what a mini-pupillage is and what the application process entails. A mystery law student gave us the lowdown about what

  • Mini Pupillages: What You Really Need to KnowRebecca Morgan, Law student, University of Hertfordshire

    Mini pupillages are two to five days spent shadowing a barrister. They are a great opportunity to discover what goes on first hand in court and in chambers. This article aims

  • What can you learn from a mini pupillage?Isabella Priestman-Bennett

    Beyond the obvious advantages they offer at the application stage for pupillage, there is so much that can be gained from mini pupillages. This article sets out some of the valuable lessons that can be learned from spending a few days in chambers.

  • What do you need for a mini pupillage? Isabella Priestman-Bennett

    Mini pupillages are one of the most important ways pupillage applicants can gain insight into the bar and increase their knowledge of the profession before landing an interview.

  • What is a mini pupillage?Billy Sexton, Editor,

    Mini pupillages are, in short, the vacation schemes of the barrister world. That’s right, this means that they’re crucial forms of work experience that chambers would absolutely love to see on