The English legal system - advantages of studying law in the UK

Despite the considerable financial cost of studying a law degree, there are also many advantages that come with undertaking such a degree, particularly so in the UK.

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  • Jodie Mcmaster

During the early 20th century, studying law in England was a popular choice amongst the educated and wealthy. Today, law is not the most sought after course, due to the rising course fees and post-graduation debt. However, law is a sophisticated degree, as well as being held in high regard amongst other disciplines such as medicine and science. It is a universal degree which will give you skills that you can apply to any job.

Considering moving away from the UK?

It is not unusual for prospective students to travel abroad to pursue their degrees. Students who are rejected from top Russell Group universities such as Oxford and Cambridge accept places at locations such as Harvard Law School, but this comes at a price (and we’re not just talking about the tuition); a different jurisdiction, a different legal system.

As students, we need to know the advantages of studying in the UK before making an informed decision on the kind of degree we want to pursue. Of course if you have an interest in the death penalty a legal degree in US would be a top choice, but if you want a career in civil law, the English legal system is a far better option.

Studying in the UK means that three years of hard work will get us an LLB, but unfortunately, we will not qualify as a solicitor. These are the academic stages one must go through before students can commence practice as a lawyer and the profession is split into different divisions: barristers and solicitors. Many prospective students find it hard to decide which is the right choice for them and there are pros and cons for each. Regardless, the advantages of studying English law are plentiful, which you should consider when making your decision.

English law is globally influential

The common law system derived from English law and has influence across the world. Studying English law will give you the opportunity to gain perspective on your chosen subjects and to gain an insight into other legal systems.

Career opportunities

Opportunities for law students studying the English legal system are endless. There are mini pupillages, vacation schemes, legal clinics and shadowing in court as options for work experience. Not to mention the range of legal careers available (other than solicitor or barrister); Paralegal, legal administrator, legal cashier, legal executive, court clerk – the possibilities are endless.


Studying the English legal system will take four or five years. In the US, you are required to complete an undergraduate degree, followed by a three-year professional Juris Doctor degree, completed and approved by the American Bar Association.

Diversity of modules

The English legal system is changing so fast, thus giving prospective students more choice when it comes to topics for their LLB course. International law, European Union law and Corporate law have been very popular amongst law students.

Opportunities for international students

Studying the English legal system will give you an opportunity to improve your skills in the English language, experience a vibrant UK city, and gain a cross border intelligence of our legal system and laws in the United Kingdom. Even if you decide to move back home you will have gained cultural understanding and skills which will empower you to get a great job.

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