• BPTC scholarshipsJos Weale and Becky Kells

    The BPTC is an expensive part of becoming a barrister, but there are lots of scholarships out there to help you out. 

  • GDL ScholarshipsHelena Kudiabor

    Although the GDL (now PGDL) is no longer a requirement, it still provides a good foundation in law for non-law students. This article will detail some of the financial support available for students interested in the course.

  • Inns of Court scholarshipsJos Weale and Becky Kells

    When it comes to funding for aspiring barristers in England and Wales, the Inns of Court Scholarships are probably the most coveted around. Inner Temple, Middle Temple, Lincoln’s Inn and Gray’s Inn have a combined total in excess of £4.5 million per year to award as scholarships for aspiring lawyers.

  • LLM scholarshipsEmily Buckley

    A Master of Law (LLM) programme is a deep dive into the English and Welsh legal system, that can benefit your career, satisfy a thirst for knowledge, give general understanding or hone in on a specific area of law. It is also a hefty investment – the University of Law (ULaw), for instance, charges domestic students £9,200 and international students £12,360 for tuition – so it’s definitely worth exploring scholarships and awards.


  • LPC ScholarshipsEmily Buckley

    The Legal Practice Course (LPC) is the penultimate stage of compulsory training for aspiring  solicitors in England and Wales. Shifting from theoretical legal understanding to practical, hands-on application, the LPC is taken by both LLB and Graduate Diploma in Law (GDL) graduates. As a prerequisite to a training contract, the £12,900 to £17,500 price tag may be eye-watering but there are various scholarships available to cover the whole amount or partially fund your fees.


  • SQE scholarshipsEmily Buckley

    The Solicitors Qualifying Exam (SQE) as the latest way for the next generation of lawyers to get certified. Touted as a more accessible route, it will eventually replace the Legal Practice Course (LPC) for a lower price. But there are no plans to ring-fence the SQE within other postgraduate qualifications that are eligible for student loans, and without financing the cost remains unattainable for most, at around £12,000 to £16,500. So, it’s worth researching scholarships: these could fund your entire SQE, or at least make a respectable dent in the bill.


  • What is a scholarship?Jos Weale

    A scholarship usually takes the form of a financial reward granted to aid the recipient in their studies. They can make up either partial or full coverage of your university tuition fees and sometimes, if the terms of the scholarship allow, can be used to buy books and materials, fund transport or research trips, or even as a contribution towards living costs.