• Applying for your PSC Shermaine Williams

    Before starting your Professional Skills Course (PSC), you need to make an application—it’s necessary to consider some details and follow several steps as part of this process. Making sure that you provide the details required in accordance with your circumstances will help to reduce the risk of encountering problems.

  • PSC Business of Law: what is it?Becky Kells

    If you do your Professional Skills Course (PSC) with the University of Law (the main provider of the PSC to the top law firms), you may hear about the Business of Law programme. Here, we explain a little bit more what Business of Law is.

  • PSC: a basic overview Jan Hill

    What is the PSC? at what point will you encounter it? What does it cover? If you're not sure where to start when it comes to this last legal course before qualification, we're on hand to help you out. 

  • PSC: modes of assessment Jan Hill

    Unlike with other courses (such as the GDL or LLB), the Professional Skills Course (PSC) for trainee solicitors is highly practical. Candidates will be assessed in most cases for each module based on their conduct. For Advocacy and Communication Skills there is a tutor appraisal and for Financial and Business skills there is a written assessment.

  • PSC: picking your electives Jan Hill

    When it comes to your PSC, you have a choice of over 40 electives. You are able to pick whatever electives you like regardless of which campus they are at, whether they are 1 day or 2 day courses or whether they are contentious or non-contentious subjects. As long as they add up to 24 hours then this is acceptable.

  • PSC: the different routes Shermaine Williams

    Once you decide that you want to become a qualified solicitor, you must opt for the Professional Skills Course (PSC) following completion of your LPC. However, within the PSC, there are several routes to choose from to guide you in your chosen career.

  • PSC: what are the modules? Luke E Reilly

    The Professional Skills Course (PSC) is the final stage of solicitor training and must be completed before you can start professional practice. The PSC course teaches you how to apply your theoretical knowledge to real-world situations and scenarios; an invaluable process in the career development of a self-reliant, modern lawyer. The PSC is broken down into a mix of core and elective modules.

  • PSC: what competencies will I gain? Shermaine Williams

    A law degree isn’t the end of the story if you want to be able to practise law; there are further skills you will need to learn. A lot of the skills needed for your career are taught on the Professional Skills Course (PSC). Each module will strengthen different competencies required for your future career.

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