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You may be thinking that law and science are strange bedfellows, but in actual fact, an MSc in Law and a scientific subject is a perfectly attainable option. Often used to bolster study of law with study of finance or maths-based subjects, the MSc in Law (combined with another subject) is something that you may not have considered.

A lot of people with a keen interest in legal matters, but who also find the world of finance, business and accountancy to be an interesting one, would benefit from doing an Msc. There are a number of options to consider - an MSc in Law and Finance is a popular one, as is an MSc in Law, Business and Finance, or Law and Accountancy. It’s a way to study complementary subjects alongside one another.

The legal and financial sectors often go hand-in-hand, with big financial services firms and banks requiring their own specialist legal advice. Therefore, studying law alongside a mathematics or economics-orientated subject can help to illuminate both subjects in a new light.

Maybe you’ve never considered studying law as part of a combined MSc before. Time to consider it now, with our helpful advice!

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