What is a scholarship?

A scholarship usually takes the form of a financial reward granted to aid the recipient in their studies. They can make up either partial or full coverage of your university tuition fees and sometimes, if the terms of the scholarship allow, can be used to buy books and materials, fund transport or research trips, or even as a contribution towards living costs.

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Who offers scholarships?

The majority of universities will offer a select number of scholarships, sourced from university funds or benefactor donations. The scholarships will be specific to each university, and the number offered by each institution may vary from year to year according to funds available.

LPC scholarships

So what about the pickings for prospective law students? Well, university law departments and law schools will have a collection of law scholarships, bursaries, grants and prizes geared towards their prospective and current students. That means there are going to be some funding opportunities for undergraduates and those studying the LPC.

BPTC scholarships

There are options for prospective BPTC students too. The Inns of Court Scholarships are also a highly sought-after funding opportunity for aspiring barristers, with some also covering the costs of the law conversion course for non-law graduates.  

How do you get a scholarship?

In most cases you’ll have to apply directly to the provider for a scholarship. Most are awarded on the basis of merit, i.e. students with outstanding academic records or those who display the most potential to do well on the course. There will be some offered to help those in urgent financial need, international students, or to support those with disabilities. There are generally fewer of these types of scholarships available.

The tenure can be for one year; in some cases it is renewed for each year of the course. Each has their own eligibility criteria, so you’ll have to do a fair bit of research into which are suited to you. 


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