• A Week in the Life of a Law UndergraduateMaudie Powell-Tuck

    Describing a typical week in the life of a law undergraduate is like asking a single-jointed being to lick their elbow: nigh on impossible. Firstly, every week is unique in some way, thus typicality seldom occurs. Secondly, a typical week is dependent upon the lifestyle choices of the undergraduate. What follows, therefore, is an account of the constants that occur week in week out, based upon personal experience.

  • Can I do law as a joint honours degree?Emily Peyton

    Joint honours degrees are becoming increasingly popular and are now offered at most universities, so are definitely worth considering if you want to pursue other interests alongside law or take a less conventional route.

  • How to choose LLB modulesBilly Sexton

  • Law Degree A-levelsBilly Sexton

  • Law Degree ExpirationBilly Sexton

    With a law degree done, and a university lifestyle that you’ll never forget, the next stop for the aspiring solicitor is to land a training contract.

  • Law Degree ModulesBilly Sexton

    So you want to do a law degree, huh? It’s the first step on the long road to becoming a lawyer (so you’re on the right track there) but do you know what you’re going to be studying? ‘Surely that depends on the university?’ I hear you ponder. Ah, well no. Let us explain further.

  • Law Degree RequirementsBilly Sexton

    Law degree requirements vary by university understandably but competition for places is fierce at any university. We’ll outline what you need to have in terms of academic qualifications for studying law at Oxbridge, a Russell Group university or a Guardian top 20 university for law.

  • Law degree transferable skillsBilly Sexton

    Whether you decide to follow a career path in law after your degree or not, you will also develop a load of transferable skills during your law degree that make you super attractive to any employer.

  • Law Degree vs. Conversion CourseJos Weale

    Your Dilemma: UCAS application deadline is fast-approaching and you’re torn. You’ve got that gut feeling you’d make a cracking lawyer and it’s definitely the career for you. The trouble being; which route do you go for? Law degree, or non-law followed by a law conversion course?

    This calls for a delicate blend of some logical thinking… with a chunk of your heart thrown in there too.

  • Law Undergraduate Degree: Is It Actually Useful?Billy Sexton, Editor,

  • Law with FrenchSofia Gymer

    Ah the land of fantastic rouge, artistes, fromage and romance, with its crowning jewel Paris, la ville de l’amour! Why wouldn’t one want to combine a love of the law with a love of French culture and history?

  • Law With French LawBilly Sexton

    Can’t wait to get your derrière off to university? If you’ve studied French at A-level and absolutely adore everything associated with the bit of land across the channel, but want to study law at university then maybe Law with French Law is the course for you.

  • Law with GermanSofia Gymer

    Willkommen! Love nice cars, beer and sausages? How about edgy, urban, all weekend raves? Or are you just super-efficient and need to return to your natural homeland?

  • Law with SpanishSofia Gymer

    Hola! Hablas español? If you want to study law but are in love with the Spanish language and culture, an LLB with Spanish (or Hispanic law) might just be for you.

  • Studying at UniversityChris Snell, LLB Graduate

    Stories of eccentric lecturers and inspirational professors still dominate the popular image often associated with university study. But what is studying law at university really like? University of Birmingham graduate Chris Snell gives you a realistic picture of what life will be like at university...

  • The law applicationLauren Bowes, Editor,

  • Undergraduate law degree classification explainedMaudie Powell-Tuck, Editor,

  • What is BA Law?Lauren Bowes, Editor,

  • What subjects go well with law?Tom Hale

    The question of what subjects go well with law is multifaceted. This question could refer to the subjects a student takes at A-level, or at university as an undergraduate degree before converting to law. Luckily, the answer remains almost identical regardless of which avenue of study we are referring to. The answer is also fairly simple:

  • Why study a law degree?Coventry University Careers Centre