Jun 04, 2024

Written By Billy Sexton

Law With French Law

Jun 04, 2024

Written By Billy Sexton

Can’t wait to get your derrière off to university? If you’ve studied French at A-level and absolutely adore everything associated with the bit of land across the channel, but want to study law at university then maybe Law with French Law is the course for you.

How is this course different from the standard LLB?

Well, how about we address the similarities first. If you study Law with French Law, you’ll still graduate with a qualifying law degree, which will set you well on your way to a career in law, vacation schemes and training contracts and all. However, you’ll also cover the basics of French law, build on your French linguistic skills and spend a year abroad in France. Très bien!

Of course, in order to be eligible to study this course at a university that offers it, you’ll need to have secured or be predicted a top mark in your French A-level. You won’t need to have studied law at A-level (usually).

When you start your course, there will be some slightly different aspects to your Law with French Law degree. For instance, whereas a standard LLB will see you undertake the core law modules in your first and second year with more flexibility in your final year, a Law with French Law degree is slightly different.

For example, let’s look at the Law with French Law course at the University of Leeds. The core law modules will be spread across your four years of study, but you will also undertake modules such as French Language Awareness and Skills and French Private Law. Your entire third year will be spent abroad in France (awesome!) and in your fourth and final year back in the UK you will do a dissertation and the remaining core law modules.

There are optional modules you can get your teeth stuck into also, such as Banking and Financial Service Law or International Human Rights Law, but if you find yourself more passionate about these optional modules than the idea of a year in France, then you’re probably better off doing a standard LLB degree.

What are the advantages of studying Law with French Law?

Alongside the general life advantages of being able to live in France for a year and experience a different culture, there are also numerous advantages when it comes to your employability.

Firstly, being fluent in a second language always results in brownie points from graduate recruiters. For international law firms, who may have an office and clients in France, your knowledge of the French legal system and ability to communicate in French will be attractive. You could even end up going on an international secondment to Paris!

On top of this, you get all the usual transferable skills associated with a law degree, such as attention to detail and analytical and problem solving skills and the networking opportunities afforded to law students through the university’s law society and lecturers.

So, if you’re confused as to whether to study law or French, why not do both?



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