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  • How do you end a personal statement for law school?Tom Hale

    Writing anything can be a daunting experience for many and a personal statement is no exception. Often the hardest thing about writing is the end. When do you stop? How do you stop? Does your ending lack something? The list of questions could go on. So, how do you end your personal statement for law school?

  • How Do You Lay Out a Personal Statement For a Law Degree?Ella Jenkinson

    Drafting a legal personal statement can be a challenging task. However once mastered, it can be an excellent way for you to stand out amongst other applicants. It is easy to fall into the trap of making grand, unsubstantiated claims that have no real meaning behind them, therefore try and be as unique as possible! When writing a personal statement a clear structure is needed. This article will help frame your answer and serve as a checklist to ensure you have hit all the key criteria.

  • How Long Should My Personal Statement be for Law School?Tom Hale

    Applying to law school can be a confusing and daunting experience. A million questions circulate as you try to put pen to paper and create your own perfect personal statement. Where do I start? What does the school want to see? What should I write about? And, of course, how long should my personal statement be?

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  • Shocking Reasons Your Law Personal Statement isn’t WorkingLewis Ogg

    Personal statements are a mainstay of legal applications, offering recruiters an insight into the applicant's character, motivations, and achievements. See the personal statement as an opportunity to demonstrate your personality and interests to whoever will be reviewing your application. Creating a personal connection can make all the difference in getting offered a place, which is why this article will share some guidance on how to make yours as compelling as possible. 

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