• Can you prepare for the LNAT?Helena Kudiabor

    The LNAT is the national admissions test for law, and is used by certain universities when assessing their undergraduate law degree applicants. Although the test is based on critical thinking and essay writing skills as opposed to memorising facts, there are still things you can do to prepare.

  • Can you take the LNAT online?Helena Kudiabor

    There are nine universities in the UK which require their prospective law students to take the LNAT. The exam is conducted online, which is useful if you have bad handwriting or if you type faster than you write. Read on to find out more about the structure of the exam.

  • Do I Need to Sit the LNAT?Billy Sexton, Editor,

  • How do I prepare for LNAT UK?Thomas Cserep

    Certain universities require you to take the LNAT as part of the application process for their law courses. Here we have gathered the best advice in one place to help you prepare for the examination.

  • How long do LNAT results take?Claudia Chan

    The chances are if you are reading this article you have completed your LNAT. Firstly, congratulations are in order: well done for completing this test! It is by no means an easy task so the fact that you have completed it should be something to be proud of. However, you are probably wondering when you will receive your results. This article will explain when universities receive LNAT results, and when you will receive them.

  • How long does it take to prepare for LNAT?Toby Clyde

    Every year, on August 1, registration for the National Admissions Test for Law (LNAT) opens. A month later, testing begins. This crucial exam, used by some UK universities as part of their selection process for undergraduate law courses, comes at a tricky time. The good news is that the LNAT doesn’t require months of painstaking revision. Plan a little ahead and you’ll be done in no time.

  • How much does LNAT cost?Helena Kudiabor

    If you’re interested in completing an undergraduate law degree, you might have to complete the LNAT. In this article, you’ll learn about the format of the exam, how much it costs, and the support available for those who cannot afford the fee.

  • Is the LNAT compulsory?Tom Hale

    The Law National Aptitude Test (LNAT) is an assessment designed to test a candidate’s ability to apply the skills needed as a student of law. The test is not an examination of precise legal knowledge or memory, instead it is a study of a candidate’s ability to comprehend and reason in certain situations.

    But is the LNAT compulsory? Are A-Levels and other qualifications not sufficient?

  • Is the LNAT hard to pass?Tom Hale

    The LNAT aims to assess the candidate’s intellectual ability, rather than their knowledge of subjects, as well as their aptitude for critical reasoning and comprehension. The time restraints, paired with 42 complex multiple choice questions (MCQ's) make the LNAT a challenging test. However, there are still many ways you can improve your score.

  • LNAT Practice Test: Unmasking the MysteryNandini Jadeja

    The LNAT (National Admissions Test for Law) is a crucial first step towards gaining a place auniversity to study law. It assesses skills such as critical thinking, comprehension and communications and plays a significant factor in admissions decisions at some UK and international universities. This article aims to unravel the mystery surrounding LNATs and LNAT practice tests, to demystify the process and help you to become a LNAT pro!


  • LNAT PreparationBilly Sexton

    So you’ve chosen to hop away to university to study law, the first big step on your way to becoming a top lawyer. However, getting to university isn’t simple. Not only do you have to make sure you submit a top notch UCAS application and smash your A-Levels, you may also have to pass the LNAT.

  • My LNAT ExperienceRavi Pilaipakam-Thatai. LLB Student, Exeter University

  • Sample LNAT questionsBilly Sexton

    So you’re flying the nest and leaving home to study law at university. It’s the first step on a long road to becoming a lawyer but even after you’ve sent off that lovely law personal statement and selected your five university choices, but now you have to sit the LNAT.

  • The LNAT: An Overview of the Test and How to Prepare Zara Arif

    If you are interested in studying law at university, you may be required to sit the LNAT as part of the admissions process. But what exactly does this test comprise and how should you prepare to maximise your chances of success?

  • The LNAT: Key Components and Approaches for SuccessAnnika De Lathauwer

    If you are applying to UK universities for undergraduate law degrees, it is likely that you will have to sit the LNAT. At first glance this test may seem daunting, but by following the tips written below, the preparation for this test becomes a lot more manageable.

  • The LNAT: Understanding the Format and ExpectationsSamuel Axford

    The Law National Aptitude Test (LNAT) is a test offered to students looking to study law at undergraduate level. While the prospect of another exam may sound nerve racking, It is important to remember that only a handful of universities require this admissions test, and it is still viewed alongside the rest of your application.

  • The LNAT: What You Need to Know Before Your TestPanashe Nyadundu

    The Law National Aptitude Test, more commonly known as the LNAT, is an aptitude test used by certain universities. It is used as an admissions requirement for both home and international applicants, for a number of undergraduate law degrees. Here’s everything you need to know about the exam, including how you can best prepare. 

  • Unveiling the Hidden Mysteries of LNATZara Arif

    ‘LNAT’ stands for the Law National Aptitude Test and is a standardised test used by some universities as one part of the admissions processes for their law courses. The main skill being assessed is the ability to think critically when presented with information. It is a test that can hold weight in the process as it demonstrates a candidate’s aptitude for legal studies. 

  • What happens if you fail LNAT?Thomas Cserep

    Preparing for the LNAT can be a daunting experience and the thought of failing it can make preparations even more stressful. But how can you fail the LNAT? We have gathered everything you need to know about passing the LNAT.

  • What is a good LNAT score?Helena Kudiabor

    The LNAT stands for the Law National Aptitude Test, and is a way for universities to see whether you have the skills needed to succeed in law. Read on to find out about what the test consists of and what score to aim for.