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    It is often assumed that employers in some industries prefer candidates from certain universities, or that some are ‘better’ for some courses. Is this the case for law? Here, we explore that complicated question.

    There are two factors to consider. Firstly, from the perspective of the individual: will some universities teach law to a better standard than others? And secondly, from the perspective of the employer: do they prefer candidates from some universities over others? Here, we will consider both points and try to determine if the university you attend makes a big difference to your legal journey.

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    Getting the right grades at A-Level is essential to enrol on your ideal law degree. We discuss the entry requirements for undergraduate law courses and how certain subjects can enhance your application.

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    Applying to study law at Oxford is a long process. On top of your personal statement, a reference and the LNAT, you’ll also need good A-level grades. But, what are the best A-levels to study? And what if you don’t meet the admissions requirements? This article will take you through the basics, as well as a big new change to applying to read law (otherwise known as a BA in Jurisprudence) at Oxford.

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    With the competition for training contracts becoming increasingly tough, candidates are becoming more conscious of their educational background as they pursue a place at a highly competitive Magic Circle firm. But which universities do Magic Circle Firms really recruit from? And is it necessary to attend one to stand a chance of securing a job at one of these firms? Here, we break down the facts.