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  • By Billy Sexton, Editor,

When it comes to choosing a university for law, many of you will check out the coveted university league tables. Unless you’ve been living in a cave your entire life (or rather just haven’t felt the need to check out universities) you’d know that various league tables are released every year to help budding students like yourself select a university to study at.

University League Tables

There are loads of general university league tables out there, but if you’re sure you want to study law, it’s best to check out subject league tables to see which universities rank highly.

At, we like to think of ourselves as a helpful bunch (we do provide careers advise and job listings, after all), so we decided to check out the law university league tables at, The Guardian and The Times and see who ranked in the top ten on all three league tables.

  • Cambridge:
    • 1st (Complete University Guide)
    • 1st (Guardian)
    • 1st (Times)
  • Oxford:
    • 2nd (Complete University Guide)
    • 2nd (Guardian)
    • 2nd (Times)
  • Durham:
    • 3rd (Complete University Guide)
    • 3rd (Times)
    • 4th (Guardian)
  • London School of Economics:
    • 4th (Complete University Guide)
    • 5nd (Times)
    • 5th (Guardian)
  • University College London:
    • 6th (Guardian)
    • 5th (Complete University Guide)
    • 6th (Times)
  • Nottingham:
    • 4th (Times)
    • 6th (Complete University Guide)
  • Glasgow:
    • 7th (Complete University Guide)
    • 9th (Times)
  • King’s College London:
    • 7th (Complete University Guide)
    • 7th (Guardian)
  • Edinburgh:
    • 7th (Times)
    • 9th (Guardian
    • 9th (Complete University Guide)
  • Bristol:
    • 10th (Complete University Guide)
  • Queen Mary:
    • 3rd (Guardian)
    • 8th (Times)
  • UEA:
    • 8th (Guardian)
  • York:
    • 10th (Guardian)
  • University of Kent:
    • 10th (Times)

There you go, a really handy list you can keep referring back to. Just like your favourite cleaning product, does the hard work, so you don’t have to!

Other Things to Consider

University league table rankings are decided on a number of factors such as entry requirements, student satisfaction, employment prospects and research quality to provide universities with an overall ranking. However, there are other things to bear in mind.

For example, it’s hard to see what a university is really like unless you attend an open day. This allows you to get a feel for the atmosphere, check out the accommodation and student facilities such as the library (which you’ll be using a lot), as well as the nearest city.

Additionally, as the league tables are formed on a mixture of factors, you might want to focus on one of the factors. This is most commonly done by students tailoring their choices in line with their predicted grades.

Alternatively, if you’re interested in having an overall enjoyable time at university, best to make your choices on student satisfaction. Or maybe you’re a long-term thinker and want to have the best chance of employment possible and choose universities based on graduate prospects.

Overall, if you use a variety of methods to pick your universities (league tables, open days, student satisfaction) there will be one that sticks out as ‘feeling right’. 

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