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    With fierce competition for vacation scheme and training contract places, it’s no surprise that City firms are among the most exciting places to work as a lawyer. You’ll be in a large, fast-paced London office, working with high-profile business and finance clients in a variety of areas of law. If you like a challenge and want the chance to work for a London-based firm with an international presence, a City firm could be for you.

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    If you want the chance to work for a firm that has influence and clients all over the world, an international firm is what you’re after. Based in the UK, you’ll have the chance to be part of a huge and diverse workforce, carrying out full-service law all over the world.



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    National law firms have offices in multiple regions across the UK and operate nationwide. They give you the opportunity to work on high profile clients as well as local legal matters, without the need to live in London and offering a good work-life balance. 

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    If you’ve got ties to a specific region within the UK, and want to develop your law career in the midst of that area, look no further than a regional firm. Ranging from small offices with just a handful of employees to vast operations within their own right, regional firms certainly don’t all fit the same mould. Training or working at one is a great chance to look beyond London, working with businesses and individuals who form a smaller community.

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    A traineeship or NQ position at a Scottish law firm is a viable option for anyone who has undertaken an LLB in Scots Law.



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    Don’t worry—a training contract or NQ job at a US firm doesn’t mean you have to relocate across the pond. US firms have offices in the UK, and while they share some similarities to their neighbouring City firms in London, US firms have an unique company culture and come with their own set of benefits. Here’s what you need to consider.

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