Jul 13, 2022

Written By Francesca Evans

Who can be a member of the Law Society?

Jul 13, 2022

Written By Francesca Evans

Whilst you must be a qualified solicitor to actually join the Law Society, there are other ways you can get involved with the Law Society that can be very beneficial when hoping to pursue a career in law.

What is the Law Society?

The Law Society is an independent professional body who guide much of the work of solicitors. It seeks to ensure excellence and compliance with the rule of law.

The Solicitors' Regulatory Authority (SRA) forms part of the Law Society. They are responsible for enforcing the rules that solicitors must comply with, ensuring they abide with the regulatory objectives of the Legal Services Act.

While the requirements to join the Law Society are quite strict, pretty much anyone interested in a career in law can sign up to ‘My LS’. Even as an LS member, you are able to benefit from a plethora of great resources and support.

Who can be an official member of the Law Society?

To join the Law Society, you must be registered with the SRA. Once you are, you automatically become a member.

As set out by the Law Society’s website, to apply for admission, you must have:

- Complied with the SRA Training Regulations

- Passed the LPC or the SQE exams

- Completed the Professional Skills Course

- A 'satisfactory' standard disclosure from the Disclosure and Barring Service.

You must then undergo certain pre-admission screening before being formally admitted to the role of solicitors and receiving your practising certificate.

Next, an exciting admission ceremony held at the Law Society’s home in London where you are able to celebrate your achievement!

Why be a member?

There are several benefits of being a member of the Law Society. 


They can offer you career support through a variety of e-learning and events. Similarly, they offer confidential support on legal practice and procedure for those who want extra assistance or reassurance.

Library Services

The Law Society offers access to their own legal library to members. Experienced librarians are available to assist and guide your research by using multiple legal encyclopaedias and databases to answer any questions you may have, or to provide any relevant precedents or legislation specific to your research.

Extracts can then be sent directly to you through their document delivery services.


It is also a great forum for expanding your network.


As well as their online facilities, members can physically attend their library and reading room in London, which can be a great place to meet others.

How else can I get involved?

For those who are not yet solicitors but interested in the legal system, you can sign up to 'My LS', which provides you with relevant news, events and resources.

The Law Society also offers free career advice for paralegals and trainee solicitors in areas such as CVs, interviews, applications, job searching and career changes. If this is something you believe could be useful to you, you can email careers@lawsociety.org.uk for further information.



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