Aug 10, 2021

Written By Billy Sexton

How does the Virtual Law Fair work?

Aug 10, 2021

Written By Billy Sexton

The Virtual Law Fair is a relatively new phenomenon but is going to change law fairs forever. Having potentially attended your university’s law fair previously, you may be wondering how the Virtual Law Fair works in comparison to a traditional law fair.

We’ll cover the main aspects of a law fair and how they compare to the Virtual Law Fair, so you can know what to expect when it takes place on Monday 18th October - Friday 22nd October 2021.


Interacting with law firms

Traditionally, a law fair takes place in a large room on your university’s campus or in one of their buildings. When you enter the law fair there are exhibition stands as far as the eye can see and you wade through the busy hall looking for your favourite firms.

With the Virtual Law Fair, you log on to a secure online platform. Here, you will see sessions the firms are hosting, which you can reserve your place at. No throngs of other students looking to get to their preferred stands first, just a straightforward platform that you can access anywhere on your device of choice.

Visiting a firm’s stand

With a dedicated session to hop-in to a firm's virtual booth, interacting with a firm has never been easier. Simply attend the Networking Expo at the Virtual Law Fair.

Networking with trainees

The best part of a law fair can be speaking to current trainees at a particular firm and finding out what like as a trainee solicitor is really like. But how does this work virtually? Unlike a traditional law fair, the Virtual Law Fair does not have as strict time constraints. It takes place over five days instead of just a few hours. Many firms will have a dedicated trainee Q&A panel throughout the week and trainees may be in attendance at the Networking Expo. 


One aspect of a law fair that is difficult to recreate virtually is law firms handing out branded goodies on their stand. Water bottles, stress balls, pens, notebooks, highlighters, the list is endless.

At the Virtual Law Fair, some firms may have prize draws or be willing to send you some physical materials in the post, but if you’re attending a law fair just for the goodies, you need to rethink your motives!

Sign up to attend the Virtual Law Fair

All in all, the Virtual Law Fair is a massive step up from traditional law fairs, allowing you to experience the best parts and removing any unnecessary annoyances. You can sign up to register your interest in attending the Virtual Law Fair here.


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