Working in Exeter

Prominent industries within Exeter include health and social care, education, science and technology. With this in mind, you can expect a broad range of clients. There are also a number of finance and accountancy businesses, both of which tie in with the legal sector.

The city does boast a university, so a lot of recent graduates make up the working population in industries such as energy, transport, telecommunications and (of course) law. This means you’ll be living and working in a lively environment with like-minded individuals.

Uniquely, working in Exeter also presents the prospect of living somewhere quieter and commuting into the city centre each day. With the villages and towns of the West Country situated within reach of railways and motorways, working in an urban centre but living in the countryside is a viable option.

A number of full-service, international law firms have branches in Exeter, as well as regional and high-street firms that operate exclusively out of Devon.

Exeter culture

Despite the city enduring heavy bombing in the Second World War, there’s a lot of architectural marvels to explore in Exeter, from the Gothic cathedral to the Georgian townhouses. Who knows, you might even end up living in one of the latter!

If you’ve ever resided in the north of the UK for long enough, you’ll know that the climate can be somewhat chilly. Exeter’s southerly location means it laps up the best of the British weather—so much so, that the West Country boasts a number of vineyards!

Exeter is ultimately a smaller city than most, but that suits some people. What it lacks in size it makes up for in charming pubs, coastal proximity and excellent eateries.

Exeter nightlife

- Grab an execoffee, one of Exeter’s locally roasted coffees, or enjoy a sweet treat at Roly’s Fudge if that suits your palate better.

- Visiting the 800-year-old gothic cathedral is a must.

- Escape to one of Devon’s many beautiful coastal towns for a blissful weekend away.

- If you’re more of the adventurous type, you’re perfectly situated to try out sailing.

Exeter Activities

- Dine and drink in a caravan at The Stable, which has a delicious offering of pizza and cider, and live music to take you from day to night.

- Head to On the Waterfront for special occasions. With waterside dining and a quirky interior, it’s perfect for a date, a party, or even for impressing the parents.

- Sample West Country cider at one of Exeter’s many historic pubs. The Ship Inn, which lies close to the cathedral, is a good place to start.

Exeter Transport

Exeter is easy enough to access from the rest of the UK, with trains running to London in roughly 2.5 hours. Taunton, Exmouth, Bristol and Plymouth are all within range. Locally, you can be at the coast within 30 minutes. Exeter even has its own small airport, which can connect you to larger UK airports as well as limited overseas destinations.

Jobs in Exeter

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