• How to deal with vacation scheme applicationsJennifer Overhaus

    While you may feel pressure to complete as many vacation scheme applications as possible, remember to focus on quality over quantity. Prior to beginning any application, you should have thoroughly researched the firm in question—and I don’t mean merely scanning its website.

  • Is your LinkedIn profile optimised for law recruiters? Michael Scott

    In the 21st century, a CV is no longer sufficient. Recruiters are increasingly using the internet and social media platforms to influence their decision when hiring potential candidates. With this in mind, LinkedIn is a perfect tool to set yourself apart from other candidates and share your experience and skills in an effective and concise manner.

  • Law referencesBy Becky Kells

    Whether you are applying for a law course or to a training contract, you will most likely be asked to provide a reference; an external opinion of your personal and professional competence to support your application.