Oct 14, 2019

Written By AllAboutLaw

Regional firm CV

Oct 14, 2019

Written By AllAboutLaw

Sometimes the best way to learn is through observation, and this is certainly true when it comes to writing a CV. Take a look at the kind of CV you might write for a regional law firm application.

We’ve provided an example CV that might have helped an aspiring solicitor land a training contract at a growing regional firm. This is an example CV; it’s not a perfect template, but its purpose is to demonstrate what experience might be attractive to potential employers.


Regional firm CV example

Ryan Clews



01926 672 28X8 / 07112388X9


27 Parnel Avenue, Leamington Spa, CV18 8YT

Higher education

September 2018—present 

College of Law

I am currently studying the Legal Practice Course at the Guildford branch of the University of Law, which I shall complete in June 2019. In addition to the core subjects, I have opted to study Acquisitions, Commercial Dispute Resolution and Banking and Debt Finance as my electives.

September 2015—June 2018

Hertfordshire University

I studied for an LLB Law degree at Hertfordshire, from which I graduated in 2018 and achieved a First Class Honours.

Secondary education

September 2008 - June 2015

Leamington Royal Grammar School for boys

During my time at Leamington Royal I studied for my GCSEs, in which I achieved five A*s, six As and one B, and later for four A-Levels, where I obtained one A and three Bs. I was also presented with the Business Studies award in 2014, which is given to one student per year for outstanding achievement in that particular subject.


University Degree, September 2015 - June 2018

LLB Law: First Class Honours

A-levels, taken May/June 2015

Business Studies: A, French: B, History: B

GCSES, taken May/June 2013

12 GCSEs: 5 A*, 6 As and 1 B

Maths A*, English Languages A* and double science AA

Legal experience  

August 2018 and March 2019

Cleeson Solicitors, Warwickshire

In summer 2018 and spring 2019, I worked at a high-street firm for two weeks. I was positioned within the litigation department and I was responsible for creating new files, producing notices of acting and arranging court transfers.

July 2017

Greensberg Courthouse Building, Greensberg, Virginia                                

I worked in a district attorney’s office in the Greensberg County Courthouse building in Greensberg, Virginia in summer 2017 for a one-week period.  

September 2016—June 2017

Hertfordshire Law School Law Clinic

During my second year of university I was involved in a live Law Clinic module, which is one of only two such modules in universities throughout the country. I worked in a “firm” with five other students under the supervision of a qualified solicitor and represented various clients, dealing with a broad range of issues. 

Interests and activities

I have been travelling to the US whenever I’ve had the opportunity for the past ten years. I particularly enjoy experiencing American culture and lifestyle, and these visits have helped me appreciate the vast differences between what initially appear to be two rather similar countries.

Throughout my travels I have visited New York, Washington DC, Boston, Miami, Las Vegas, Cleveland and Pittsburgh, where I recently took the initiative to teach a class about England.   

I also have a keen interest in music, a passion that has inspired me over the years to learn to play a number of instruments. These instruments include the violin and, more recently, the guitar, which I taught myself to play a few years ago.

Other skills

I am computer-literate and able to use word-processing programmes as well as spreadsheet and presentation packages. I also have an advanced understanding of French, which I studied for eight years. I was awarded a 2.1 in French during my first year of university.


- James Anderson, Partner at Cleesons 

- Kelly Keefer, District Attorney

CV requirements for regional law firms

When it comes to writing up your CV (and your cover letter), you should remember some of the key competencies and motivators that regional law firms are looking for in their candidates.

A law firm is likely to be an excellent place for you if you’re truly motivated to help people with personal issues that matter to them. Unlike in large international firms, your work will often be community-focused. If you’re tied to a specific area in the UK or care about making a big difference in a small area, then regional law will be a great fit for you. Working at a regional level can be extremely rewarding, but you have to be sure that it’s for you—and be prepared to prove it to potential employers.

After deciding you want to work in a regional law firm, you should be certain that you’re specifically applying to law firms that you want to work in. Research every law firm you plan on applying to before you do so, and find out more about their clients, their competitors and the areas of law they generally focus on. You should show that you’re interested in the work the law firm does and that you’re passionate about working in the region too.

Finally, you should make sure your CV demonstrates that you have the competencies and skills needed for a successful career in law. The experience and qualifications you choose to include should show that you have initiative, leadership and communication skills. Keep everything relevant and omit anything that doesn’t show the recruiter that you’re the ideal law candidate.

It can be nerve-wracking to send out applications to law firms, but being genuinely passionate about the jobs you’re applying to can make the task significantly easier.

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