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Barristers' Chambers

Around 80% of barristers are self-employed and the majority belong to barristers’ chambers. If you’re hunting for a pupillage or mini-pupillage, barristers’ chambers might well be your first port of call.

Self-employed vs. employed barristers By Jos Weale, Managing Editor,

As you get ever closer to that Holy Grail of qualification as a barrister, you’re going to have to decide whether you’d like to take on self-employed or employed practice. So what’s the difference? Let’s bring on the heavy weights…...

Future barristers: What to expect By Maudie Powell-Tuck, Editor,

Barristers are undoubtedly very well paid, but what are the exact details? Social and economic changes are cyclical in nature and competitiveness is the order of the day in any field or area. As in most professions today, the time spent at work...

Inns of Court By Jos Weale, Managing Editor,

There’s absolutely no way you can join the Bar in England and Wales without being a member of one of the four Inns of Court: Lincoln’s Inn, Gray’s Inn, Inner Temple and Middle Temple. In order to become a practising barrister it is, quite...

Bar Magic Circle By Billy Sexton, Editor,

You may have heard of solicitor firm magic circle, which includes Slaughter and May and Freshfields, but did you know that there’s a magic circle of barristers’ chambers too? No? Well, now you do. The bar magic circle has five members. These...



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