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Law CV

It’s pretty hard to create the perfect law CV, but very easy to make mistakes. We might not have a CV writing service (they are a bad idea anyway), but we can give you some pointers on how to craft a legal CV that’ll make you proud.

Law CV Template By Coventry University Careers Centre

This Law CV template has been provided by the Careers Centre at Coventry University. For more information on law firms you can apply to, head over to our Law Jobs section. Tailoring your CV for a legal profession is the first step in landing your...

Building a law CV By Alison Collins, Careers Advisor, Coventry University Careers Service

Your CV is an important sales document. Its aim is to get you an interview, so it’s essential that it's as professional-looking and relevant as possible.  Although there is no ‘correct’ way of writing a CV, there are a number of conventions that...

Regional firm CV By AllAboutLaw

Sometimes the best way to learn is through observation. This is the exact CV that successfully got Ryan a training contract at a growing regional firm. Please note! This is an example CV, not a perfect template. Its purpose is to demonstrate...

Magic Circle CV By AllAboutLaw

You can read all the advice in the world, but we think there's no better way to show you how to write a CV than providing you with a sample that actually worked. The owner of this lovely CV is a trainee at a Magic Circle firm and although the...

Using LinkedIn for law By Emily Miller, Founder & LinkedIn Coach, Marshall Walker - The LinkedIn Tutors

LinkedIn is an invaluable tool for practising lawyers, helping to build and strengthen their business network and obtain new clients in the most time-efficient way; forming the basis for them to take the online relationships offline. It is also a...



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