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A pupillage is the final step needed to enter the barrister profession (well we say final, there’s the thorny issue of tenancy after that) and tough to secure. In 2011, there were just 446 first six pupillages available.

What is a pupillage? By Charlie Phillips, Author of Working in Law 2013

Barristers’ pupillages last one year, and are divided into two six-month stages, known as ‘sixes’. The first ‘six’ is referred to as the ‘non-practising’ six, since the pupil is not yet eligible to take on their own matters. Instead, they assist...

Finding a pupillage By Jack Denton, Co-founder & Director,

Landing a pupillage is tough. There are only around 450 pupillages available each year. To put that into context, around 1,500 people complete the BPTC every year and can continue applying for pupillages for up to five years after completing the...

Problems finding a pupillage By Paul Harris, Co-founder & Director, AllAboutLaw

It is not guaranteed that you will find a pupillage immediately on completing your BPTC. You may have applied to several chambers, but either you’ve not heard from them at all, or you were interviewed but didn’t receive an offer. This is not a...

The realities of gaining pupillage By Maudie Powell-Tuck, AllAboutLaw

When you decide to pursue a career at the Bar, you may find some people advising you against it, from career advisers and university lecturers to barristers on mini-pupillages. The early stages of gaining pupillage Many argue that the Bar is...

Pupillage applications By Billy Sexton, Editor,

You have your heart set on a career at the Bar, despite everyone advising you against it. “It’s far too competitive… Hardly anyone secures a pupillage!” you hear them cry. But nobody is going to stand in the way of you on your dreams. You...



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