Jul 16, 2019

Written By Jan Hill

University campus ambassador positions

Jul 16, 2019

Written By Jan Hill

University campus ambassadors are liaisons between a firm and a university, serving as the campus voice and main contact for the company. Students are often recruited from across year groups and degree subjects to become campus ambassadors.

What is a campus ambassador?

A university campus ambassador is a student representative whose job is to advertise a law firm on campus and to bring value by finding good candidates for the firm to hire. 

To be an effective campus ambassador, you must have the ability to communicate with various people on behalf of the firm. As a voice for the organisation, university campus ambassadors enjoy a combination of the following benefits:

· Exclusive access to the firm and its resources;

· An enhanced chance of obtaining a training contract;

· The prospect of securing an internship with a prominent law firm;

· The opportunity to meet specialists who will enrich their overall legal education;

· A chance to build strong ties within the legal sector they’re interested in entering;

· The prospect of developing a heightened commercial awareness of their chosen sector from practicing professionals;

· The opportunity to hone their people skills to demonstrate their ability to get on well with clients to potential employers.

Ambassadors also have the ability to forge strong bonds with solicitors and obtain trusted careers advice from seasoned professionals who serve as mentors.

What will I do as a campus ambassador?

Campus ambassadors often perform a variety of duties for the firm or company they represent. Ambassadorial duties might include:

· Planning, hosting, and assisting at recruiting events such as on-campus and online information sessions and fairs;

· Speaking publicly at information sessions involving student panels;

· Social media contributions, including blogging and posting updates to various platforms;

· Contacting prospective students via email or social media;

· Attending photo shoots, film shoots or writing content for programme brochures, website profiles, videos or media articles;

· Participating in focus groups and market research;

· Developing campus-specific marketing materials;

· Collecting and sharing feedback between the university community and the organisation.

Campus ambassadors are often also tasked with organising firm-focused events and effectively managing their own time as they balance work and study commitments. 

How will an ambassador position fit in with my law career? 

Campus ambassador positions offer students the opportunity to gain valuable professional experience, develop relationships with employers and complete meaningful projects—all while a university student preparing for a legal career. The client procurement skills you’ll learn as an ambassador are critical to firm survival—so important that some solicitors make a career around it. 

Will I get paid?

Yes! Campus ambassadors are paid, but the amount (£250–£500 annually) may not be significant compared to a part-time job. However, those that don’t pay well often still offer a number of valuable benefits, such as free access to events, opportunities to win prizes and the possibility for other paid work in the firm.


How do I get a campus ambassador position? 

To become a campus ambassador, you will typically need to apply for the position, take an online critical thinking test and complete the interview process. Once you’ve secured the position, you will likely be invited to attend a training induction day where you will be given information about the firm, the responsibilities of the role and what to expect. 

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