Aug 03, 2020

Written By Raphael Jucobin

How to convert a vacation scheme into a training contract

Aug 03, 2020

Written By Raphael Jucobin

As you’ll know, vacation schemes are considered an important step towards being considered for a training contract at the end of your degree. With many law firms hiring the majority of their trainees from their vacation scheme intake, you’ll have already done part of the work towards getting one by beginning your placement.

Once you’ve got a foot in the door at the firm you want to work with in the future, you should make the most of your opportunity to give yourself the best chances of staying on with them as a graduate.


Come prepared and do your research

Although the recruitment process will have required detailed research on your part of the demands and expectations of the firm, it’s important to clearly understand what practice area you’ll be looking at and what kind of work you’ll be doing. You’ll be expected to look and act the part as you jump into the legal world - it may seem daunting, but you’ll also have the support of your supervisor and the colleagues you meet along the your placement.

Show enthusiasm for the job

Law firms will see a training contract as a long-term investment into you as an employee, so they’ll want to see that you’ve got a passion for the job and are in it for the long-term. Although you’ll be set some mundane or uninteresting tasks to start with - especially making the tea and coffee! - showing some enthusiasm for what you do can take you far.

Make as many contacts as you can

As you get a taste for the different departments of the law firm and the different areas they practice in, it’s a good idea to speak to as many people as you can along the way. Asking questions and showing an interest in the aspects of their roles is a great way to show your enthusiasm and will guarantee that you leave a good impression throughout the company. Making yourself a familiar face will undoubtedly help once you apply for a training contract - or will see you offered one at the end of the placement.

Don’t be afraid to ask questions!

Getting onto the vacation scheme in the first place will have undoubtedly required a lot of background research on your part, but you shouldn’t shy away from asking questions - there will still be many aspects of the firm that you’re unfamiliar with! It’ll also show that you’re open to learning new skills and adapting to new situations.

Where can I find openings for vacation schemes?

If you’re looking to get onto a vacation scheme to get a training contract after graduation, head on over to the jobs section of our website for the latest opportunities!


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