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Want to find out about a specific law firm, what it is they do and what they’re all about? Use our useful tool below to help make your life easier – simply click on the appropriate alphabet to ping straight to a law firm or scroll down to browse through all the options in a more leisurely manner. Clicking on the name of the organisation will send you straight to their employer profile.

When it comes to picking a law firm to begin your journey in the legal industry, you’re faced with such a variety of different firms that each offer differing legal fields, company sizes and benefits, and on top of that, each will have their own distinct working experience and company environment. This means it can be almost impossible to locate what exactly it is you’re looking for, and apply for the firms that are best suited to your skills and personality traits.

That’s why we’ve created this list – because it’s a brilliant place to start to begin your research of different law firms that you might be interested in working for. On each profile you’ll be able to see their company overview, the vacation schemes and training contracts that they offer, any apprenticeships which might be available, salaries, benefits, their AllAboutLaw ranking and how to go about applying; as well as the law firm’s contact details and links to their website.

Once you’ve found a few law firms that you like the look of, it might be time to think about getting some applications for insight days, vacation schemes or training contracts in the pipeline. This sounds tricky, but we’ve got you covered on this front as well – our advice section is jam packed with all sorts of hints, tips and tricks that will help to make your application stand out from the crowd and to put you in the best position to be noticed by the firms that you want to be noticed by.

There’s more research to do, obviously, but each profile provides the links to websites and social media accounts provided by law firms to give you a strong base to branch out from – think of this list as a launch pad from where your exploration of each legal firm can begin and come back to, when you’ve found out all you want to know.

From there, our links to the application process will make sure you’re on the right path and any queries you have can be addressed by our specialist sections on any given subject. With that in mind, what have you got to lose? Dive in and start the search for your perfect law firm today!

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