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Welcome to Slaughter and May's law firm hub. Discover everything you need to know about one of the UK's most prestgious law firms and find out how you can apply to one of their coveted opportunities. 

Training contract – September 2026/March 2027 (penultimate year law students, law finalists and law graduates)

  • Employer Slaughter and May
  • Salary(First year) £50,000
  • Salary(Second year) £55,000
  • Salary(Post qualify) £125,000
  • Location London
  • Vacancies 95
  • Deadline05/07/2024

Virtual Insight Programme

  • Employer Slaughter and May
  • Salary(Salary) Unpaid
  • Location Online
  • Vacancies
  • Deadline31/08/2024

The AllAboutLaw perspective on Slaughter and May

Slaughter and May is a world-renowned law firm with a stellar reputation. Lawyers at the firm frequently work on international, cross-border matters. The firm works for over 200 law firms across 100 countries each year, providing their lawyers with the opportunity to develop extensive international contacts and local insights. Slaughter and May go where their clients are, providing top-quality legal advice. This international focus means that secondment opportunities are numerous, with trainees heading to destinations such as Tokyo, New York, and Copenhagen in the past.

The firm specialises in a range of practice areas, including Real Estate, Tax, Disputes and Investigations, Financing and Competition. No matter which area you’re working in, the department will be headed by leading practitioners. Slaughter and May also take advantage of the latest technological developments to offer the best advice to their clients. 

Trainees at Slaughter and May benefit from the firm’s unique approach to training. Lawyers are multi-specialists, thoroughly trained to advise on a wide range of legal matters, as opposed to specialising in one area. This allows for a more fulfilling career, allowing you to get to know the business of your clients better, and thus cultivating a deeper relationship with clients. Such an approach results in innovative solutions.

The firm does not set billing or time targets, as they believe that the type of work completed is not measurable in minutes. With this in mind, lawyers are free to work collaboratively and focus on the quality of their work instead of the quantity. 

What the firm says

Slaughter and May has a global reputation for providing outstanding legal services. The strength of our practice is reflected in the multi-jurisdictional nature of our work and our international client base. The firm is a trusted adviser to some of the largest companies in the world, advising on complex cross-border deals every single day.

We advise on high-profile and often landmark international transactions. Our varied client list ranges from governments to entrepreneurs, from retailers to entertainment companies and from conglomerates to Premier League football clubs. 

We are a full service law firm to corporate clients and have leading practitioners across a wide range of areas including Mergers and Acquisitions, Corporate and Commercial, Financing, Tax, Competition, Disputes and Investigations, Real Estate, Pensions and Employment, Financial Regulation, Information Technology and Intellectual Property.  

In order to offer the best possible service for our clients, we harness the latest market developments in legal technology and innovation. Our forward thinking, innovative approach to legal services complements the best in class advice on which our reputation is built.

Diversity and Inclusion is an integral part of how we do things as a firm. We believe that a supportive and inclusive workplace drives collaboration and enhances business performance. We are looking to employ the brightest minds regardless of what or where they studied. Traditional approaches to D&I are often skewed towards initiatives helping diverse individuals to “fit in” and succeed; we focus on examining and adjusting the system for greater acceptance of different leadership styles and ways of working.  

A world of difference

There are clear differences between Slaughter and May and other global law firms.

We train each of our lawyers to be a multi-specialist, equipped to advise on a broad range of legal matters which at other firms would be handled by a number of different lawyers. This is hard work but our lawyers say it makes for a far more fulfilling career. It provides challenge and interest while allowing lawyers to develop deeper relationships with clients, because they get to know their businesses better. This enables them to deliver innovative solutions to difficult problems by combining experience gained on one type of transaction to solve problems in another.

We think that by broadening your training and experience, you will be a better lawyer. We have built a reputation for delivering pioneering solutions to difficult problems. This reputation has been earned because each of our lawyers advises on broad legal areas, combining experience gained on one type of transaction to solve problems in another. In this way, our lawyers have a varied and interesting workload and ample opportunities to develop close relationships with clients.

Much of our work has an international element and on average we work with more than 200 law firms across 100 countries annually. Our work is international and cross-border in nature; we go where our clients go. We never compromise on the quality and consistency for which we are widely recognised. Our approach is shaped by the fundamental principle that complex transactions require first-class legal expertise rooted in a deep knowledge of local practice, procedures and culture. 

At Slaughter and May we also take a different approach to time; there are no set billing or time targets. Some ideas take a matter of seconds but can save companies millions of pounds a year. The type of work we do is not always measurable in minutes. In this way, our lawyers are free to work collaboratively, sharing expertise and knowledge, so that they can concentrate on what matters most – the quality of the work and client service.



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