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Latham & Watkins Graduate Careers

Welcome to the law firm hub for Latham & Watkins! Here you will find all the essential information about the firm, including its history and practice, opportunities for students, the application process and key people you will engage with throughout the assessment process. 

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The AllAboutLaw perspective on Latham & Watkins

From their launch in 1934, Latham & Watkins has grown rapidly to become one of the largest law firms in the world by revenue. In 2020, the firm made a staggering profit of $4.3 billion (£3.1 billion), which is even more impressive considering the effects of the pandemic on the firm.

Latham & Watkins’ high revenue is to be expected given their wide range of practice areas, ranging from life sciences and dispute resolution, to the more unusual video games and Esports. The firm even advises a number of high-profile clients, having previously represented the government of Barbados and Coca Cola’s Uzbekistan branch.

Latham & Watkins value pro bono work just as much as their profitable cases. Since 2000, the firm has given 3.7 million hours of free legal services, with trainees working with charities like 28 Too Many (who campaign to end female genital mutilation) and Save the Children. Recently, the firm worked with Amnesty International to produce a report addressing the rights of families and children, with the hope of fundamentally shaping family law and policy worldwide. 

Working in such a prestigious firm with such high-profile clients means the work is bound to be challenging, but you’ll be supported every step of the way. Trainees have appreciated the cameradie between all the lawyers, stating “in the high pressure situations that arise in the run-up to a filing or hearing, we all rely on each other, and from the trust that is built up, friendships naturally develop.” Trainees are also well compensated with a £50,000 starting salary, rising to a staggering £145,000 upon qualification.

What the firm says

With 30 offices across 14 countries, trainees at Latham & Watkins get the chance to collaborate and seek advice from legal experts all over the world. With offices in the US, Europe, Middle East and Asia, trainees can experience new cultures from their desk, and are spoilt for choices when it comes to an international secondment. The firm focuses specifically on corporate and finance, and has worked with a number of prestigious clients (think HSBC, Goldman Sachs and even Spotify) on deals worth millions of dollars. 




Academic requirements

Diversity interests

Despite their prestige, the firm is committed to ensuring everyone feels welcome at the firm, with trainees praising their numerous diversity networks and “refreshing, entrepreneurial culture.”