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Gowling WLG Application Process

The stages for Gowling WLG's assessment process can be seen below. Each law firm has unique aspects to their assessment process, so make sure you read about Gowling WLG's in detail before you make an application. 

Stage one

Current law students should apply at the end of their second year of university, while non law students should apply from October of their final year. Gowling WLG enthusiastically welcomes applications from those in different careers at any time. 

The first step of the application is to fill in an application form telling the firm about yourself, your personal experiences and background and why you are interested in working for Gowling WLG. Some tips for this stage include: staying up-to-date with the latest business news, being specific about the firm in your answers and writing professionally yet with passion. 

Stage two

If you pass the application form section, you will have to complete an online behavioural assessment. It has benefits for not only the firm but you as well: they learn your strengths and preferences while you receive detailed feedback.

Stage three

Providing you pass the online exam, you will be invited to sit a video interview at a time suitable for you. You will have to answer some pre-recorded questions about how you would deal with potential scenarios trainees face.

Stage four

The last stage is an assessment day, which involves the firm assessing you via a variety of different exercises to test your skills.

Gowling WLG has recently introduced a contextual recruitment system as part of their assessment process. You will be asked some optional questions about your socio-economic background and personal history, so the firm can see if you excelled given your background. It won’t take more than five minutes and you will not be penalised if you choose not to answer the questions.