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Herbert Smith Freehills Application Advice

Read these tips before making an application to Herbert Smith Freehills! 

Tailor your application

Start by using our website and social media channels to find out what makes us unique and why the firm appeals to you. Make sure you incorporate in your application how working at Herbert Smith Freehills aligns with your interests.

Link experience to law

When talking about your experience, explain how the skills you’ve gained are relevant to a career in law and to Herbert Smith Freehills specifically. Consider the way we work and the skills and abilities we look for to deliver high quality services to our clients.

Potential is key

We’re not necessarily looking for the finished product. We’d rather know how the transferable skills you’ve gained through your experience, both legal and non-legal, will help you to become a brilliant lawyer here.

Get to know us

Meeting us at our on-campus or virtual events is the perfect way to learn about us in an informal setting and it’s an opportunity to ask any questions you might have.

Be yourself

We recognise and value the differences that make us unique. Having a diversity of perspectives enables us to offer innovative, trustworthy advice. Be yourself throughout the application process and emphasise the qualities that make you stand out.

Check for typos

Before you apply, don’t forget to double-check your application for typos. We expect a high level of attention-to-detail.