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Goodwin Procter FAQs

Here you will find answers to all the burning questions you have about Goodwin Procter!

When can I apply for the firm’s training contract?

You can apply at any time in your university career, except during your first year at undergraduate level.

What kind of benefits does Goodwin Procter offer?

Goodwin Procter employees receive 27 days of holiday, a gym subsidy, private medical insurance, a virtual GP and an employment assistance programme. This list is non-exhaustive. 

How many offices does Goodwin Procter have?

The firm has 13 offices, spanning three continents

Will there be any pro bono opportunities?

Yes! Goodwin Procter is highly involved in pro bono work, averaging 75,000 pro bono hours each year. Recent initiatives include helping a ten-year-old girl escape gang violence in El Salvador, and partnering with Save The Children Hong Kong.