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Farrer & Co - Frequently asked questions

From open days and first year opportunities to assessment centres and the SQE, we've got the answers to all of the questions you could possibly have about Farrer & Co. 

Do you recruit on a rolling basis?

No, Farrer & Co wait until the application window has closed before informing candidates if they have been successful or not.

Can I re-apply if I am rejected?

Yes, there is always lots of competition for places available so Farrer & Co would encourage candidates to apply again if they are initially unsuccessful but still interested in joining the firm. If you have been rejected for a vacation scheme, you are still eligible to apply for a training contract during the same recruitment round.

Do I have a better chance of gaining a training contract if I have completed a vacation scheme with Farrer & Co?

No, Farrer & Co treat the vacation scheme and training contract application processes completely separately. 50% of the firm’s 2020 and 2021 trainee cohorts completed a vacation scheme at Farrer & Co.

Do you run any assessment centres as part of your recruitment?

Yes, Farrer & Co typically run three assessment days each year in early March as part of the process to select candidates for the vacation schemes. This day involves a group task and written exercise as well as the opportunity to hear a variety of talks about what it is like to work at Farrer & Co.

Do you run any open days?

Yes, Farrer & Co host an open day in November which anyone is eligible to attend and includes a variety of talks about what it is like to work at Farrer & Co. To register your interest for this, please email

The firm also hosts open days as part of our partnerships with external associations, such as AllAboutLaw and Aspiring Solicitors. Details for how to sign up can be found on their respective websites.