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Birketts FAQs

Got questions about Birketts? Find answers to your most pressing queries on our FAQ page!

When can students apply for a Summer Vacation Scheme?

You should apply online between 6 November 2023 and 8 January 2024.

When do applications open and close for the Training Contract?

Training Contract Applications open 1 February 2024 and close 4 June 2024.

Do Birketts consider non-law or mature graduates?

Yes! The firm welcome applications from candidates of all backgrounds.

Is there an active social life?

Birketts has a very active social committee. Regular events enable you to get to know everyone in the firm. Highlights of the year include the annual quiz, our sports day and the Christmas Ball. If you’re keen on sports, they also have a number of competitive football, cricket and netball teams.