International Corporate & Commercial Law

Dickson Poon School of Law



The online International Corporate & Commercial Law master’s in law is thematically structured around the life cycle of a corporate body, providing you with an in-depth understanding of today’s highly complex and dynamic global corporate and its commercial worlds. The programme will have great practical relevance; it will equip students with problem solving skills, an ability to deal with legal problems and questions against the backdrop of economic realities and a good business sense. 

The programme will:

Examine the issues of international corporate law, including regulation of mergers and acquisitions, corporate form and its issues, corporate actors and international corporate finance.

Focus on key transactions and legal arrangements entered into by a corporate body, including trade, shipping, finance, energy and investment related transactions.

Include a stage when ‘things go wrong’, with the focus being on dispute resolution and on corporate insolvency. Includes courses on international commercial arbitration and international corporate insolvency.

Provide overarching legal foundation and themes to corporate and commercial areas of the law as well as reinforce a global and transnational vision underpinning the programme.

The fees from September 2018 to August 2019 will be:

  • LLM - £19,500 for the full 2 years
  • Postgraduate Diploma - £13,000 per year
  • Postgraduate Certificate - £6,500 per year

Fees will be charged on a modular basis. The fee for each module is £1,625.

A 2:1 honours degree (or overseas equivalent) in Law, or in a degree with 70% law content, or in the Graduate Diploma in Law. 

If you have a high 2:2 (i.e. 57%-59%) in law, or in a degree with 70% law content, and at least 3 years of work experience in law, your application will be considered. 

Professional experience. Applicants who have achieved a 2:1 or above in a non-law degree (i.e. finance or business) will be considered for this programme provided that they have at least 3 years of work experience in law (i.e. those who are working in a law firm as a practicing solicitor or those that have passed the bar exam and are working as a practicing lawyer). Exceptional candidates with substantial work experience which is closely related to law but not substantively legal in nature (e.g. contracts managers) may also be considered.

At King’s, you’ll enter into one of the world’s most competitive student bodies and join a legacy of graduates that are sought out by some of the leading employers in the field. The Dickson Poon School of Law has strong connections with some of the world’s leading legal firms and international employers. A King’s College London LLM will allow you to study alongside other legal professionals around the world and enhance your career prospects.

The International Corporate & Commercial Law LLM is designed for students who wish to pursue a career within corporate or commercial law. It would be useful to students who aspire to work in the corporate and commercial sectors, but not necessarily within a legal career. The programme would be an excellent foundation for students who are considering pursuing legal research. 

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