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UK Law Courses

Not to boast or anything, but the UK does have some pretty amazing law courses. The trick, though, is finding the right one for you. Here’s our guide to law courses in the UK.

LLM: An International Student's Perspective Katerina Clarke, LLM Graduate

Katerina Clarke decided to move from Russia to the UK in order to study the LLM (the master of laws degree). Here, she tells us about learning law in a foreign language, adapting to different teaching methods and her experiences. LLM... The...

Will my qualifications be valid back home? Jos Weale, Managing Editor, All About Law

If you are thinking of working as a solicitor back in your home country following your studies in England or Wales, then you may well be thinking about whether or not your qualifications will be valid back home. Your UK law course has been...

The English Legal System - Advantages of Studying Law in the UK By Jodie Mcmaster, Law Student and Editor of

During the early 20th century, studying law in England was a popular choice amongst the educated and wealthy. Today, law is not the most sought after course, due to the rising course fees and post-graduation debt. However law is a sophisticated...

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