Warwick Law School



Warwick Law School pioneered the study of law in its social, political and economic context. The School’s research follows many tracks, emphasising historical, international, comparative, theoretical and cross-cultural approaches. Its contextual approach encompasses criminal, commercial, corporate, environmental and human rights law. Interdisciplinary strengths include, law and development, law and gender and law and humanities.

Our research underpins how we teach, leading to distinctive research-led modules at undergraduate and postgraduate levels. Our graduates are sought after for their strengths in both legal doctrine and in thinking about law imaginatively and contextually. The desirability of these skills is reflected in our graduates’ high employment rates.

Postgraduate Study

Our approach to legal education is contextual, critical and global. Our teaching, as well as providing students with a solid foundation in the technical aspects of the law, examines law and legal institutions within a wider context. It encourages students to consider the social, economic, political and philosophical dimensions of the law. This wider perspective enables students to develop a critical understanding of the role of law, thus providing them with the necessary tools to understand, promote and respond to legal change in the private and public sectors and in the global arena. The Warwick approach to legal education is internationally recognised as innovative and has achieved the highest ratings at the national level.

Members of staff teaching on our programmes have vast experience in their respective fields and many are engaged in collaborative research with academic institutions worldwide, assisting governments, advising international organisations, and participating in the work of NGOs. These activities greatly contribute towards enhancing the learning environment of our postgraduate students.

Student Population

With a strong reputation for being an international trail-blazer, Warwick welcomes students from over 139 countries, and currently has more than 23,000 students, approximately 10,000 of which are postgraduates. At any one time, the Law School’s postgraduate community will consist of around 150 students from a wide variety of backgrounds, including practicing lawyers, government officials, judges, members of national and international NGOs, young academics and officials from international organisations.

What our students think! 

"My academic experience at Warwick surpassed my expectations. The benefits expand beyond academics, making the experience unique. Being part of a large international community of students at the University of Warwick provided me with the opportunity to meet people from all around the world and learn a lot about different cultures."  - Salvador Vivanco - LLM Alumnus

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