• Acing the Law Conversion Course: Essential Tips & Unique Learning OpportunitiesElizabeth Beesley

    The pursuit of a legal career is something many aspire towards but for those who did not study law at undergraduate level it may seem like a daunting endeavour. Fortunately, the law conversion course in the UK offers a viable pathway for non-law graduates to enter the legal profession. In this article, we will explore what the law conversion course is, offer essential tips for success and highlight some of the unique learning opportunities that can set you on the path to a rewarding legal career.

  • Are law conversion courses respected?Nandini Jadeja

    Despite an increasing number of aspiring lawyers choosing a non-law degree, there is still a degree of uncertainty around law conversion courses. Here, we break down the question of whether or not law conversion courses are respected, both within the legal industry and beyond.

  • Can you get funding for a law conversion?Helena Kudiabor

    Qualifying to become a lawyer if you didn’t study law as an undergraduate can be a very expensive process, given you have to pay for the cost of your undergraduate degree, the cost of the GDL and the cost of the LPC (Legal Practice Course). Each of these courses cost around £9, 000 + a year, not including maintenance expenses. However, many law firms recognise this expense and as a result are willing to cover the cost.

  • How do conversion courses work?Natasha Jones

    Want to be a lawyer but don’t have a law degree? You can kickstart your career in law with a law conversion course.

  • How hard is a law conversion course?Natasha Jones

    Nowadays, more and more aspiring lawyers are opting to study a non-law subject at undergraduate level and then taking a law conversion course post-university.

    If studied on a full-time basis, law conversion courses condense a three-year qualifying law degree into a one-year course. Want to know if this is manageable? Look no further!

  • How long is a law conversion course?Natasha Jones

    Non-law graduates who want to pursue a career in law can do so with a law conversion course. Here, we explore the courses on offer and how long they take to complete.


  • How much does it cost to do a law conversion course? Alyssa Gibbons

    While studying a law conversion course is no longer mandatory to become a qualified solicitor, most firms require their non-law student future trainees to complete some sort of conversion course before they embark on the Solicitors Qualifying Examination (SQE). However, how much can you expect this course to cost?

  • Is an LLM a conversion Course?Lawrence Topley

    A Master of Laws otherwise known as a LLM, is a postgraduate course for individuals who have already completed a law degree. However, the Postgraduate Diploma in Law or a PGDL is a conversion course offering pathways into practice for non-law graduates. Despite the fact that both the LLM and PGDL are postgraduate law degrees, they have key differences which separate them. The most important of which is that an LLM is not a qualifying law degree.

  • Law Conversion Decoded: Detailed Analysis & Personalised GuidanceLewis Ogg

    A Law Conversion Course is a postgraduate qualification allowing non-law graduates to pursue a law career. Law Conversions have become increasingly common over recent years, with many firms stressing that they do not prioritise LLB candidates because of the unique skills non-law students can bring from other disciplines. However, despite becoming increasingly common, it is vital that you remember the need to make an informed decision about what will be a significant monetary and time investment.

  • Law with a non-law degreeCoventry University Careers Centre

  • Part-time Law Conversion CourseRobert Hiscocks, GDL Programme Leader, BPP University Law School

  • So you want to convert to law?Paul Harris

  • The Conversion Course for LawMaudie Powell-Tuck

  • What law firms expect from non-law studentsJack J Collins

    There are a variety of routes into law, and many prominent figures within the industry actually started off doing a different degree before converting after graduation. We discussed the details of converting to law with Sarah Harte of Taylor Wessing, to get her unique insight into what the firm are looking for in non-law candidates and how you can get ahead of the chasing pack.

  • Which universities do a law conversion course?Natasha Jones

    Did you study a non-law subject at university, but are now wishing you’d pursued a career in law? You may wish to study a law conversion course. Keep reading to find out about the different law conversion courses on offer and where you can study them.

  • Why The Law Conversion Course Isn't WorkingLewis Ogg

    Law conversion courses, most commonly the Post-Graduate Diploma in Law (PDGL), have become an increasingly common route for undergraduates from non-law disciplines to transition to a legal career. However, its popularity means that many students overlook the challenges that come with it. This article will explore the key issues associated with law conversion courses and discuss whether it is still necessary within the context of the new SQE pathway to qualification. By the end of this article, you should be able to make an informed choice on whether it’s the right choice for you.