Bar Knowledge Course (Stage 1)




The Bar Knowledge Course is the first step in Northumbria’s alternative barrister training route. The Bar is a demanding profession, and our Bar Knowledge Course and Bar Skills Course give you the flexibility to break your learning down into two separate stages, while still receiving the very best possible legal training.

The Bar Knowledge Course focuses on giving you the opportunity to acquire all of the knowledge you need to prepare you for the rigours of the Bar.

Successful completion (40 credits) will mean you are eligible to move on to the Bar Skills Course, which aims to help you build on the knowledge you've acquired and develop the skills necessary for you to practice as a barrister.

Successfully completing both stages (120 credits) is equivalent to completion of the Bar Course and leads to a Postgraduate Diploma in Bar Vocational Training and means you will ultimately possess the attributes set out in the Professional Statement for Barristers and be eligible for Call to the Bar of England and Wales (subject to meeting the qualifying requirements of your Inn of Court).

The Bar Knowledge Course and the Bar Skills Course ultimately prepare you for pupillage and training as a barrister, but also a highly successful career not only at the Bar, but across the legal profession, business and politics.    

English language requirements:

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The Bar Knowledge Course allows you to build on your existing legal knowledge and take the first step to pursuing a career as a barrister. 

At Northumbria, we aim to ensure that you are prepared in every way for pupillage selection and life as a barrister. Choosing this alternative barrister training route, gives you a more flexible way to gain the knowledge set out in the Professional Statement for Barristers, so that you can move on to develop the skills and attributes needed to practice as a successful legal professional.    

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