• A career in insolvencyBen Robson

    A career in insolvency is perhaps not everyone’s first choice. However, it is still one of the highest regarded routes for finance professionals and many people actually fall into an insolvency career after studying law…

  • Associate solicitor job descriptionThomas Cserep

    From trainee solicitor to senior partner, it can be difficult to understand the responsibilities of lawyers at the different stages of the legal hierarchy. Here, we outline everything you need to know about the role of an associate solicitor. 

  • Barrister job descriptionRobert Greene

    When you hear the word ‘barrister’, images of curly wigs and black gowns probably spring to mind. Whilst some barristers do wear these, many don’t. In fact, many barely even step inside the court. So, in this article we’ll look at what a barrister is, what a barrister does, and how to become a barrister.


  • Careers with a Law DegreeMaudie Powell-Tuck

    Studying law does not necessarily mean you will progress to become a solicitor or a barrister. There are other career paths in which a law degree is beneficial and well received. 

  • Company SecretaryStephanie Mitchell

    Another viable and common career path for law graduates it to work as the company secretary. The following article takes a detailed look at what to expect as the company secretary.

  • Court careersBilly Sexton

    A career in the courts isn’t just limited to being a barrister. There are loads of occupations you can undertake in the courts. What are they? Well, you’ve come to the right place…

  • Court clerk job descriptionRobert Greene

    A court clerk, or magistrates’ court legal adviser, is a qualified lawyer who advises magistrates and district judges on the law. In this article, we will look at what a court clerk is, how to become a court clerk, and what a court clerk does. 

  • Equity partner job descriptionThomas Cserep

    Becoming an equity partner of their law firm is the objective for many associates. By owning shares in the law firm, equity partners earn their salary from the profits of the company. Here we outline the role of an equity partner and the responsibilities that come with it. 


  • Law firm partner job descriptionRobert Greene

    Being promoted to partnership level is often seen as the pinnacle of a solicitor’s career. Partners are responsible for running a law firm and generating revenue. Here, we’ll look at what a partner is, what a partner does, and how to become a partner.


  • Legal executive job descriptionRobert Greene

    A legal executive, also known as a Chartered Legal Executive, is a qualified lawyer who undertakes similar work to a solicitor but takes a different route to qualify, Here, we will look at what a legal executive is, how to become a legal executive, and what work a legal executive does. 


  • Legal secretary job descriptionRobert Greene

    A legal secretary plays an integral role in ensuring that the office runs smoothly. They support lawyers in their day-to-day administrative duties and require a knowledge of the law and legal procedures. Here, we’ll look at what a legal secretary is, what a legal secretary does, and how to become a legal secretary. 


  • Paralegal job descriptionRobert Greene

    Paralegal roles are increasingly seen as low-cost alternatives to other legal service providers. Here, we’ll look at what a paralegal is, what work a paralegal does, and how to qualify as a paralegal. 


  • Salaried partner job descriptionThomas Cserep

    Salaried partners play a vital role in the operation of a law firm and are often the face of the company. From the journey to becoming one to the responsibilities you are entrusted with, here’s everything you need to know about this role. 


  • Solicitor advocate job descriptionRobert Greene

    If you love the idea of representing your client in court but don’t fancy being self-employed as a barrister, a job as a solicitor-advocate could be the career for you. In this article, we will look at what a solicitor-advocate is, what they do, and how to become one. 


  • Solicitor job descriptionRobert Greene

    In basic terms, solicitors take instructions from clients and advise them on the law. But the role of a solicitor can vary greatly depending on their practice area and where they work. Here, we will look at what a solicitor is, what a solicitor does, and how to become one.


  • Trainee solicitor job descriptionRobert Greene

    A trainee solicitor is the last step in qualifying as a solicitor. The role varies depending on where you train and which seats you do, and the route to qualification is undergoing a major overhaul – so there are lots of potential factors at play. Here, we’ll look at what a trainee solicitor is, what a trainee solicitor does, and how to become a trainee solicitor.


  • What do lecturers actually do?Rebecca Huxley-Binns

    Have you ever wondered what a lecturer gets up to on any given day or considered a career as a lecturer in law? Read on to discover what a senior lecturer in Law, Rebecca Huxley-Binns' main responsibilities consist of.