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Simmons & Simmons - Frequently asked questions

Find out answers to the key questions you might have about Simmons & Simmons.

Are there any first year opportunities?

For law students in their first year, or non-law students in their first or second year, the firm has a Spring Insight Scheme. This is a two-day scheme, packed full of events, workshops, and shadowing opportunities. If you go on to apply for a vacation scheme afterwards, you’ll be fast tracked through the assessment process. 

How are Simmons & Simmons planning to adjust to the SQE?

The firm advised applicants to keep an eye on their website, for an update on when they will transition to the SQE. Despite this, the SQE route will continue to involve a yearlong prep course, and you will continue to receive a maintenance grant and sponsorship.

Can I still apply if I have low grades?

While most candidates have around 136 UCAS points (AAB at A-Level) and have a 2:1, Simmons & Simmons want to recruit the best people regardless of background. They consider candidates with low scores providing they show potential and can show they’re a good match with the firm.

What traits are Simmons & Simmons looking for in their candidates?

During the assessment process, the firm looks for candidates with analytical minds, and those who are adaptive collaborators, resilient achievers and business thinkers. 

I might need assistance during the application process, who can I contact?

Simmons & Simmons want to help everyone as much as possible. If you need the firm to make any reasonable adjustments, get in contact with