Training Contracts

Find a Law Training Contract with AllAboutLaw in 2019. As a training contract is the final step before qualification, it is your opportunity to put all your academic knowledge to vocational use. The next two years will be spent getting a practical legal education overseen by experienced mentors. That is why it is important to find the right one for you!

Before you jump in to applying to law firm training contracts you will need to have a think about what kind of law firm you would like to work for. Factors you’ll need to consider include location, size, range of practice areas (e.g. the type of work a firm specialises in), and salary. Your first thought should be of what type of law you will want to specialise in. For example, if commercial law and clients that are big businesses and household names take your fancy, City firms are ideal for you. Fancy global business and financial law? Check out international law firms. If you want to serve individuals and smaller businesses such as start-ups and specialise in family or private client law, regional firms may be the one for you. Do your research by checking out our useful articles below explaining the different types of law firms.

You will also want to think about the application process for law firms. Applications for training contracts often involve multiple parts including the application form, interview and assessment centers, so it is essential that you only apply to training contracts you genuinely want. We’ve explained the whole application process for you, as well as given you our latest application tips, in our application articles down below.

Whichever type of law firm you choose; you will be able to find your perfect training contract match at AllAboutLaw. We work with top law firms both in the UK and nationally, so that you can find all the information you need, and the jobs you want to apply for, in one place.

It can be a struggle to secure a training contract when there are only roughly 5,500 training contracts available in the UK, and far more LPC students than there are spaces. Thousands miss out every year and have to re-apply the following year. Competition is fierce, so don’t miss out! Start researching today and make sure you give yourself the best chance of securing that necessary training contract for 2021/22.


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