Regional Firm Training Contracts

A training contract at regional law firm is a really good option. If you are searching for a good life/work balance with your training contract then perhaps a regional training contract is the one for you. You are probably aware that long working hours are associated with a career in law, but this tends to be more common in the City law firm culture. On the other hand, the majority of regional law firms have the flexibility to avoid of the 80-hour work week stigma. This means that young lawyers are able to work more flexibly, resulting in a greater work-life balance.

Another thing that contributes to the work-life balance of a regional law firm is the cost of living. This is far less expensive outside of London, which means that young lawyers will have a better deal for their salary. This results in trainees picking a firm that offers them the right training and culture, rather than choosing the one with the biggest salary. When choosing a training contract, your quality of life and where you want to spend your time are really important to consider.

Working at a smaller firm may also means that you will get more attention as an individual so that your personal development is focused on much more than if you were in a larger firm with lots of trainees. This allows you more one-to-one time with experienced mentors and can mean quicker career progression due to more responsibility. You will also be in a smaller, more relaxed office than the hectic London law firms. This means a less stressful environment and stronger working relationships! So, if work-life balance is something that is important to you, a regional law firm might suit you best. Develop yourself in a more relaxed atmosphere see yourself progress quickly through the ranks! Take a look below at the latest regional training contracts, make sure you filter by location to get your desired region. Good luck!


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