US Firm Training Contracts

Training contracts as US law firms are highly sought after. You don't have to travel to America to join a US law firm! Many US firms now have planted solid roots in the UK. If you find yourself attracted to the US law culture or want to work for a bigger law establishment then do a little research into US law firms, they could be your perfect fit!

The biggest difference between choosing a training contract at an American law firm over an English law firm is that trainees at a US firm will receive slightly higher salary - some NQ salaries are £100k+. In addition, many US law firms have a prestigious reputation, with various groupings; in New York they’re either known as ‘White Shoe’ firms or ‘Charmed Circle’. This ‘circle’ status makes them highly desired by potential trainees and so there is a lot of competition to secure a training contract at these firms. However, the benefits are well worth it!

Naturally, as these are US law firms and you will be based in London, you will get the opportunity to travel across the atlantic to visit offices in the US! You’ll get a feel for the US law culture more than you could grasp in London and gain an international experience that will develop you as a global citizen.

So, do you see yourself working in a US law firm? A higher salary, multinational cases, and opportunities to travel doesn’t sound like a bad training experience at all! But the competition is tough. Make sure you are prepared by checking out our advice on training contract applications, interviews and more, and do your research into specific firms. We have a range of interviews and insights with current trainees at law firms so hear what they have to say about life at the firm and what they think is important in applications and daily life in a US law firm. Once you’ve done your homework it’s time to check out the latest US law training contracts below! Good luck!


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