Scottish Firm Training Contracts

Training contracts in Scotland are a great option if you don’t want to join the rat-race in London. Scottish law firms should be considered by those who have a qualifying law degree in Scots law. You’re likely to experience a slightly more favourable work-life balance than at a national or regional firm too. On top of this, there may a greater opportunity for quicker career progression at a Scottish firm, due to a smaller team of lawyers.

You will have to research specific Scottish law firms and what they specialise in so that you can find one that matches your own specialty or interests. You can do this by visiting the firm’s website and getting a feel for their work ethic and story. Alternatively, you can attend any events such as open days to get a real insight into the firm.

Applying to a Scottish firm for your training contract may be a very different process compared to applying to a city or international law firm. Make sure you tailor your training contract application to the specific Scottish law firm you are applying to. Read our top tips for training contract applications and interviews in our careers advice section, once you’re ready get applying down below!


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